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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from The Stewarts and a little gift from Emma Lee

Hello Everyone,

Hoping this holiday season has found you near your family and friends.

A strange day at the Stewart house, full of many firsts. Hanging fewer stockings and setting one less place at the table.

Today during the gift exchange my father brought down a box that came to the house a few weeks before my mothers passing. While she was in Halifax receiving her radiation treatment she wandered down to visit our friend Adriana at Argyle Fine Art and admire the many beautiful pieces they had at the gallery that spring day.

She fell in love with a mixed medium boat. The boat of "Joy"...

This was unbeknownst to us. Until the CD Release at The Carleton when Adriana informed me she had something to donate to our Silent Auction, it was a boat because apparently my mother had fallen in love with these works of art. I still remained clueless about the situation.

So today, my father marched downstairs with the box. Upon their arrival my mother said "Put these upstairs, don't bring them down- they are Christmas presents".

We waited until the end of the exchange, slightly nervous for what was sitting in the box for us. Lee declined opening them... So after much debacle trying to get these gifts open- the final wrapper came off and we were holding "Becky's Boats". The ship of Love, Joy, and Hope.

A beautiful final gift from my mother and 3 treasures we will hold dear.

With love to you and yours this holiday season- wishing you a wonderful 2012.


Mary Stewart


  1. Seems like I can finally comment on the Blog again!! (couldn't for months for some reason)
    What wonderful gifts from you mom!!!!! Treasures indeed!!!
    I hope you had a good Holiday season......
    Take care

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