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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from The Stewarts and a little gift from Emma Lee

Hello Everyone,

Hoping this holiday season has found you near your family and friends.

A strange day at the Stewart house, full of many firsts. Hanging fewer stockings and setting one less place at the table.

Today during the gift exchange my father brought down a box that came to the house a few weeks before my mothers passing. While she was in Halifax receiving her radiation treatment she wandered down to visit our friend Adriana at Argyle Fine Art and admire the many beautiful pieces they had at the gallery that spring day.

She fell in love with a mixed medium boat. The boat of "Joy"...

This was unbeknownst to us. Until the CD Release at The Carleton when Adriana informed me she had something to donate to our Silent Auction, it was a boat because apparently my mother had fallen in love with these works of art. I still remained clueless about the situation.

So today, my father marched downstairs with the box. Upon their arrival my mother said "Put these upstairs, don't bring them down- they are Christmas presents".

We waited until the end of the exchange, slightly nervous for what was sitting in the box for us. Lee declined opening them... So after much debacle trying to get these gifts open- the final wrapper came off and we were holding "Becky's Boats". The ship of Love, Joy, and Hope.

A beautiful final gift from my mother and 3 treasures we will hold dear.

With love to you and yours this holiday season- wishing you a wonderful 2012.


Mary Stewart

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tribue To Emma Lee Stewart at Music Nova Scotia Awards Gala 2011

Hello Friends,

I just wanted to thank our friends at Music Nova Scotia for including a tribute to my mother in their Gala awards show. I have included the speech my father read at the show. They projected a beautiful slide show, and played "Send Someon For Me" (Track 15)



November 6th, 2011

Thirty years ago I was working as a sound tech for the group Granfalloon, 5 guys from Northern Nova Scotia. One day I was called to a band meeting where I was told they had invited a Pictou County native to return to the area and join the group. When I found out that they had invited a girl my response was “are you nuts!! She’s is going to change everything!! “. In hindsight those words ring true.

Emma Lee Stewart was a singer, a songwriter, an actor, director, producer, wife and mother. She was also:

Founding Chair of the New Glasgow Jubilee
Chaired the New Glasgow Music Festival
New Glasgow 125 Celebrations
Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia
Citizens Against Pollution
She was a:
Choir Director, Worship Coordinator
A Board Member Tearman Society for Abused Women, Coastline Theatre, New Glasgow Dragon Boat Society
CBC Radio Community Contact for New Glasgow
Co founder of Postcard Players Theatre Company

In 2006 Emma Lee realized her lifelong dream of releasing her first CD. “The Reason” was launched in September of that year and included tracks penned by Matt Minglewood, Ron Hynes, Enoch Kent, Sylvia Tyson as well as 6 of her own songs. She was receiving airplay in New Glasgow, Truro on CBC, plans were in place for shows in PEI, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick all seemed to be falling into place. However, 4 days before Christmas (the longest night of the year) Emma Lee was diagnosed with breast cancer.

In January of 07 she underwent surgery, in March chemo and in May radiation, which took place in Halifax. While in Halifax staying at the Cancer Society’s Lodge that Gives and undergoing treatment she heard about a casting call for a film being shot in Halifax, they were looking for women that were in cancer treatment to make up the support group in scenes of the film “Matters of Life and Dating”, she was able to schedule her radiation treatments around the shooting and spent a week in Halifax as a “paid actress”. Upon returning to New Glasgow she began to resume her life but this time with a focus on exercise and diet. She discovered dragon boating and joined the Women Alike A Breast a River Dragon Boat Team, this was a passion she enjoyed until May of this year.

In the fall of 2007 she decided she wanted to give back to the Canadian Cancer Society’s Lodge That Gives and made contact with them and with the help of family and friends organized the 1st Reason for Hope Concert on her birthday November 13th. The event realized $11,000.00 the largest single donation “The Lodge” had ever received. With that event the Reason for Hope Society was created. All seemed to be once again falling into place Emma Lee received 2 Music Nova Scotia nominations, she resumed her legal career (did I mention she had 25 year career with the largest law firm in Northern Nova Scotia?) was once again performing, writing, organizing and dreaming.

Three more Reason’s for Hope were organized with funds being raised for the Aberdeen Hospital and Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia. The first recordings were completed for along planned Christmas Album, she was working out at the “Y”, doing Spin Class, Dragon boating, travelling and enjoying life when in May of 2010 we received a call and were summoned to her doctors office where we were told her cancer had returned as Metastatic Breast Cancer and we would meet with her Oncologist in the near future to discuss treatment. This we both were convinced just a set back and a similar treatment as in the past would have all back too normal. This was not the case as what we found was that Metastatic Breast Cancer is treatable however is not curable. This was for the moment overwhelming, as at no time was the prospect of an incurable disease ever in our thoughts.

We began to learn more about the disease; Emma Lee researched and found a conference-taking place in Indianapolis and as there were no Canadian programs available to assist her with funding to attend approached the American Susan B. Koman Foundation and received a grant to cover her travel, accommodation and registration. She returned from the conference with optimism as she had met women that have been living with her disease for as long as 28 years. She began chemotherapy treatment in July of 2010, continued to paddle with her team and tried to live her life in as normal a way as possible. She became more involved with Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia and was an inspiration to others diagnosed with the disease.

One day during that summer Emma called and told me she had been talking to our daughter Mary and that she had been in touch with a number of her musical friends in Nova Scotia and Toronto and she was putting together a CD to raise funds for Metastatic Breast Cancer Research, 2 weeks later Emma was in Codapop Studios recording a song for the project. Her rendition of the Cindy Church/ Kaitlin Hanford song “Send Someone for Me” is track 15 on the Reason for Hope CD Project.

On July 14th 2010 Emma Lee began to blog perhaps not on a daily basis but very close to it. She wrote about her treatment, her friends, her family, her dog Honey, her observations on life. Over the next 14 months the followers of her blog increased, to this day we have no idea how many she touched with her words but I would like to share with you one of her entry’s.

This morning I had a fabulous conversation with a dear friend. He reminded me of the energy of love that has been surrounding me and my family throughout this journey. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I am every day reminded of it. But, I think as you have gathered, I’m not feeling well and when I’m not feeling well, it’s hard for me to focus. Really, really hard. It is something I am trying to come to terms with. In the dark of night, I call upon all of the energy that is surrounding me to become a part of me, to fill me and take away all negative energy. I cry for that to happen. So today, I’m crying for all the positive to fill me. And that positive is love. That’s what happened in the hammock in the back 40.

As I was laying under my trusty old maple tree with the sun shining through at just the right angle to see a spider’s web in all its glory and to watch the sun dance on the leaves of that tree, like drops of sunshine really, silently raining down on me, I felt love filling me up. I was taken away somewhere and for a couple of hours, I felt fabulous. Love. Can you pull it up? Can you imagine it? The love that fills this universe? The energy of love that fills this universe? There were children happily playing and a dog barking (in the distance) and the world seemed just right for a long while. Now that is a memory that I am going to replay over and over again, and hope that tomorrow it will happen all over again.

Peace to you all. Get out there and experience the love in this universe. Open your hearts and minds and pull it all in: accept it, its there for us, for all of us.

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Reason For Hope November 13th

Hello Friends,

Please share with all your family and friends and lets make this fundraiser a wonderful celebration of my mother's life, and work for this cause.

Silent auction donations include an autographed guitar, a nights stay at The Delta Halifax, DaLish Cosmetics (Cosmetics made for celebrities!) and much more!

Press Release
For Immediate Release

A Reason for Hope Continues

The 5th annual Reason for Hope will take place on Sunday November 13th, 7:30PM at New Glasgow’s Glasgow Square Theatre. This year’s event will be one of mixed emotion as it will mark the first since the passing of founder Emma Lee Stewart. It was her wish that the event continue with its mandate which is to increase public awareness, raise funds and educate in all areas of cancer prevention, awareness and care.

This year’s event will feature performances by Music Nova Scotia Award Nominee Mary Stewart, ECMA nominee Doris Mason, Music Nova Scotia Award winner Ryan Cooke and a special guest appearance by East Coast music icon Matt Minglewood.

Since its inception the Reason for Hope has raised in excess of $20,000 for cancer related initiatives including the Lodge that Gives, Aberdeen Hospital and Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia. Funds raised at this year’s Reason for Hope Concert will be directed to Metastatic Breast Cancer Research. “It was Emma Lee’s wish that fund raising efforts be directed to research in this area as it directly affects approximately 25 percent of persons diagnosed with breast cancer” said organization spokesperson Jim Stewart.

The evening will feature a “Silent Auction” as well as a number of “Door Prizes”. The evening will be hosted by New Glasgow Singer Songwriter Mary Stewart..

Also performing will be local favourites Jakki Rogue and The Alcorns.

Sponsors of the Reason for Hope include Presenting Sponsor- Mac, Mac & Mac, Major Sponsors Fraser & Hoyt, 94.1 East Coast FM and Moosehead Breweries, Intermediate Sponsors Wearwell Garments, Comfort Inn, Country Inns & Suites, Holiday Inn Express and Long & McQuade,.

Tickets are $20 and go on sale on Monday October 31st at Trinity United Church, H&R Music and Glasgow Square Theatre.

-30 –

For more information contact TheReasonForHopeCD@gmail.com

Monday, September 19, 2011

Interment, O'Leary

Good Morning,

Just wanted to let you know that the adventure continues.

Last Friday we gathered with friends and family at HeatherDale Cemetery for the interment service. Jim Webber Cook was there by our side as friends came together for a final goodbye. Shortly after we had a small gathering at the house for some good food, conversation, and a little bit of music.

Saturday, we set sail for O'Leary, PEI- on the busiest, rockiest boat! It was incredible. The wind had cancelled the 8am boat, so it was lucky we got on at all (3rd last car on the boat!). We made the drive to the west end of the island with a short stop in Clinton to pick up Tessa.

Upon arrival we were greeted by my Great Aunt Merna, who was married to my Great Uncle Claude. She welcomed us into my cousin Joanne's cottage at West Point. What a beautiful cottage!! It had a 180 view surrounding it. David and I got to watch the sun sink into the water. Tessa took some photo's of the scenery so we will post a picture of the sunset for my mother in the coming days. No one saw sunsets like she did. We sat around the campfire and played Great Uncle Claud's guitar with Merna and her son Josh before calling it a night.

Sunday we set sail on "The Knotty Lady" with : Great Aunt Merna, Great Aunt Shirley, Cousins: Click, Brenda, Joyce, Faye. Friends Paul Wood and Treena. Paul recently lost his wife to cancer so we were honoured he joined us on this voyage. We departed from West Point harbour and sailing out to the light house where we stopped the boat and told stories about my mother, we then symbolically scattered her ashes into the straight. We took a moment before everyone tossed pink carnations into the water. Paul and Merna then tossed 2 carnations in for Paul's late wife. On the way back to the docks, we formed a ribbon in the water in honour of Emma Lee and The Reason For Hope.

After the outing we gathered back at Great Aunt Merna's with family to enjoy some hot coffee, sandwiches and sweets on the Glenwood Pond.

A long drive back to New Glasgow with a short stop to drop Tessa off; she is moving to France tomorrow for a few months!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Paddles Up

Last evening my father, brother, and I were so fortunate to be able to go out with my mothers paddling friends. It was a very emotional time, from the moment they said "Paddles Up" - they were paddling for Emma Lee.

They suggested they do a race for her. Over the last week we have been hearing "Emma had a mean face when she paddled" she just went in the zone and she wanted to win.

After the first race we ended up on the north side of the bridge, her friends lined the walking pass holding pink carnations and all of the ladies in the boat held pink carnations, before they placed them into the water in memory of my mother we symbolically scattered her ashes in the East River.

We then went further down the river and took a moment outside of Glasgow Square Theatre where she spent so much of her time at.

I thought I would include a photo of the pink carnations in the water.



Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Service, The Visitation, The Outpouring

"I had never thought I would be in such need, but here I am" - Emma Lee, September 5th 2011.

I thought I would share the events with you from the last few days. You have requested in numbers for this blog to remain active, and for this blog to be immortalized in book form. I will try to make these wishes happen for you, and my mother.

My mother had a way of reaching people, that I can only hope to carry a fraction of.

So lets take you back over the last week. The main thing you will note is that we waited, we took our time. You may remember over the last few months my mothers vocabulary started to involve a certain word "Proper". We did it proper.

We were so lucky that my mother, being the realist was a planner until the end. Before her trip to Maui, she sat with Jim Webber Cook (Trinity United Church) and gave him a program, covered with her handwriting she wrote "Wow!" above the scripture she wanted, circled the information on the Taize, included 2 hymns with exclamation, and one hymn with (Maybe?) . So "maybe"- you were scrapped and we put in "From Now On" written by my mother, inspired by her walks with honey, and performed at Maritime Conference 2011.

We just had to fill in the blanks. Even until 11:59AM on Monday we were filling in the blanks. On sunday afternoon we arrived home to find a card from Linda Arsenault including a poem she had written in the summer for my mother titled "Emma's Courage". It had to be involved. So, I ran over to the church, card in hand and caught Jim Webber Cook as he was leaving for his lunch break and asked "Can this be on a screen?" Trinity made it happen.

The service started with "Somewhere Over The Rainbow/ Its a wonderful world" during my parents trip to Maui my dad and mother fell in love with "Iz" so I asked if we could include this special medley. It was an opportunity to reflect before the beginning of the service. Linda's words beamed clear while the song played.

Emma's Courage :

Emma's courage is big
It grows when it is stroked
Hot as a volcano's fire and energy
Ice cold and soothing as a mountain lake
It sleeps to nourish the soul
Awakens as calm courage
Emma's courage beckons brilliance
Lights laughter in those blue eyes
Her courage has no weight
It is like a feather
Soft and tender
Wanting to be touched
Emma's courage spreads love
It is a reason for hope.

Following this we moved into the Taize, mediation through music- and into the welcoming.

During my mothers battle, she found comfort in candles. So I asked if we could light some candles during the ceremony in honour of my mother. So we lit : The Christ Candle (Jim Webber Cook) The Candle of Community ( Janet Erving) , The Candle of Memory (John and Mary Boulter) , The Candle of Music (" Aunt Liz " - Elizabeth Van DenEden ), The Candle of Peace( Lorne Boulter) , The Candle of Love (Jim Stewart), The Candle of Thanksgiving (Lee Stewart) , and The Candle of Hope (Myself, Mary) .

The special music was "His Eye is On The Sparrow". What can I say about this, they sang like she was standing there beside them, it was the best I have heard their voices shine. Beautiful.

Floyd Kind joined us to do a special song for my mother- "In My Life" it was requested by my father in honour of his love for her.

We played "Send Someone For Me" rare you can perform at your own service. But, she deserved to.

David Wallace and Bruce MacIntosh gave remembrance to my dear mother. I hope they forward copies of their words so I can share them with you because I cannot give it justice.

Doris Mason sang "When Emma Sings" sitting in front of her I couldn't help but stare, I tried so hard not to look because I didn't want to throw her off. Even though Doris was an amazing friend to my mother, she was still there and able to sing the song she wrote for her on her 53rd birthday. Beautiful.

Jim WC, Jim S and Bonnie spoke beautifully throughout the service and their words were so appropriate.

It was a beautiful send off to my mother.

Following the reception, my family and David's mother and father joined at the house for a taste of The Lord Provost's Scotch. A toast before joining friends who gathered at my mom and dad's old stomping grounds "The Dock". My parents shared so many laughs with friends through the last 15 years that it only seemed appropriate.

Monday evening we sat and reflected about the day, feeling as though she would be proud and humbled by the outpouring.

So now what?

Big things ahead, going out into The Dragon Boat, Interment at Heatherdale, and off to O'Leary where my mothers family was born to fulfil her wishes.

Today we purchased http://thereasonforhope.org ! I have started a small website where I will continue to update about the fundraisers, and its a place to buy your CD! The charity will continue and the legacy will go on.

Continue sending your stories of my mother. They have been beautiful, and so comforting.


Mary Stewart

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Visitation and Funeral

Dear Friends,

Again- I extend a sincere Thank You to everyone who has been supporting my family through this. When I say family, I mean everyone who let Emma Lee's light into their life.

We all need to lean on each other for strength at this time.

Visitation will be held at P K MacDonald Funeral Home, 536 Merigomish Road
New Glasgow, NS B2H 5E3

Saturday, September 10th, 7-9PM
Sunday, September 11th 2-4PM & 7-9PM

Funeral :
Monday, September 12th 2PM Trinity United Church Temperance Street, New Glasgow

I have spent a part of the day appreciating my moms blog. I hope you do the same. Reading through her journey for the last few months, and breathing in her words.

Another thought from my mother : " Our light is our energy - it will increase love and peace in this world. Use it for good and get ready to let it go! " August 19th, 2011.

9/ 07 at 9:07PM

Dear Friends,

Sincerely you are all friends to my family at this time.

The blog brought my mother light for the last 14 months. The ability to share her words as they blossomed in her brain to family and strangers, whom all became dear friends; brought her such joy.

Initially we didn't know what she was going to write about on her home on the internet. So we said anything. Thats what she gave us. She shared her dreams, wishes, stories, and her love for everyone who has walked into her life.

I am truly thankful she was given 14 months to deliver her story to you. And there is still so much more to be shared to you from our family, and to my family. My brother, father and I are reliving memories with our mother today, but we aren't Em-experts. We welcome you to tell us something you shared with her.

Yesterday there were gleams of joy in my mothers eyes. For those of you who visited she was resting, peaceful. But a few highlights for me where when the Mac Mac and Mac Family came by for a visit. Harry held her hand and they told her stories about the performances they shared during Christmas Parties. My mother wrangled that crew into shape, in her nurturing- but very straight forward manner. While they were sharing stories- Liz (Honey's Foster Mother) started scheming to get honey into visit Emma Lee in the hospital. When Liz told her - her eyes widened and she said " Oh, great." Joy and sarcasm.- Emma.
While I was talking to her in the afternoon, I was on the way to mail a CD to Olga from CBC and I said "Don't worry- she knows, track 15 first" And she smiled, she laughed.

While Jim Webber Cook was sharing with her, he spoke of light, of hope. You could see her eyes get bigger and she exhaled, she relaxed.

The family did a bit of a rotation during the 18 hours we spent at the hospital. At 8:30, I urged my brother and father to go home and rest. My dad returned to the hospital at noon, after making calls to share the most recent development. My brother returned at 1PM care of Janet Irving, Janet- Thank you.

David and I went home to pack for the next (what we thought would be) days. During this time, my brother and father were comforted by friends who surrounded my mother. The nurse said " She is popular". My dad just laughed. The wonderful nurses had no idea. Thank you to them for letting us take over that place. In the short time the news spread, there were about 40 of you who made your way in, more who called. We are sorry we didn't have more time to let you spend with her.

At 8:55PM I felt it coming, I told my dad that it was time for us to have our one on one with her. He let me go first, I was so lucky to sit with her, reassure her that its not for nothing - she will help to change lives. She has already helped to change lives. That I will share her story, that I can't wait to tell her future grandchildren about her, that I am proud to be her daughter. Many thoughts I shared. Around 9, I noticed changes, I got the nurse. She gathered us around and said it would be anytime. Surrounded by love she went. She fought for so long, she is now in peace.

I called Mary Webber Cook, our minster's wife. To share the news, Jim (Our Minster, such a dear friend) was there within minutes. We had her in our circle while he sent her spirit off.

I will leave you with words from Emma Lee Stewart (Sister, Wife, Mother- Friend)

"The future is uncertain. But one thing is certain: the love of my family can never be taken away; the love of friends can never be taken away; hope can never be taken away; and positive thought and gratitude for all we have can never be taken away." - Emma Lee Stewart, July 14th, 2010 in her first blog post.

With love,

Mary; Your "darling daughter."

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September 6th - 7th

Hello Friends,

Mary here- writing this from my broken phone so beware any grammatical errors.

A lot to say, unfortunately as I write this I am sitting at my mothers bedside at The Aberdeen Hospital.

Our hope was that she wouldn't have to come back here. Yesterday we were blessed to have wonderful RN's by the house to monitor mom- Emma - em- M- Emma lee - whichever you prefer , but we couldn't get her comfortable.

During my night shift with her we decided that the best decision was to move her ; upon doctors recommendation to ensure that she is comfortable.

Her big ones- comfort , quality of life, hope.

The outpouring we have received is humbling. I printed your words off on Monday PM and she loved it. The flowers brightened her room and she knows she is loved.

I will do my best to keep you informed on new developments.

Wishing you a beautiful day,


Monday, September 5, 2011

Jim's Birthday Cake

Hello All,

Mary here- My mother just asked me to take a photo of the cake I made for my dad's 56th Birthday and post it on the blog!

Yes, a day early- However Lee's girlfriend will be heading back to PEI tonight and we wanted to have cake with her- So tomorrow I shall make a second cake!

Today's cake : Velvet Chiffon Chocolate Mint, with Chocolate Ganache and Vanilla Buttercream Icing, NS Strawberries and drizzled with dark chocolate.

Today, My mother is trying to get caught up on sleep, she had a big day with the VON who was here for over an hour making sure she was well looked after. Tuesday she begins the continuing care program which means we will get a little bit more face time with the Nurses and help for a bit of the day.

She is very excited about the chocolate cake, I put it in the living room to hopefully strike a match to her appetite. The cake also matches the flowers from her brother Lorne just lovely.

Continue to send your positive words to my mother! I am printing them off as they come.



Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday, September 4th.

"Sunday - September 4th , 2011

I'm counting on you guys to tell me when I become trite. My footprint on the world is becoming smaller, and I respect you too much to take up your valuable time. When I look out the backyard all of the green tomato's we've harvested will soon be red I hope. Maybe Mary and Jim can make some tomato paste, I don't know if that is inspiring to you. But it is to me. That's a part of the light.

No Fears- Jim will have a birthday! Mary stayed with us last night and she is awesome. She can stay downstairs. Too much, I know but she is young and ready for it. Pulse alright. All this done for the day. Shawn dropped by. Not sleeping as well as I should be.

Here's what happened yesterday ( Details are sketchy..)
Murray came by with a pie.
Brother Lorne and his wife Mary came by,
Brother John and his wife Mary came by.
Mary and Tessa are back here.
David and Lee are both here.

VON dropped by, almost couldn't get my blood pressure.
Jim Webber Cooke dropped by.
Heather MacLean dropped by with bread.
Lloyd and Gwen dropped by with fresh vegetables.
Ross and Eileen dropped by with homemade chowder and soda bread.

What can I say about the outpouring? It is most overwhelming. My heart is full of love. I never believed I would be in such need. But here I am.

Love and peace to you all today.

Emma Lee

- PS: Mary is now responsible of the blog. Between dictation and my hand writing she is translating my words to the blog. "

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So Jim's birthday is the 6th. I will not be able to get him a card or anything, let alone remember that it's his birthday. The kids will be home I've got to get them involved! Chocolate cake for sure. Peace, Emma Lee

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Part 2 Down

Part 2 of the optional chemo is down and my oh my oh my.

Yesterday was brutal, but VON are the angels they are painted to be. Eddie. Remember that name.

Anyway, will be talking about what the third part of this silliness is before getting them to perhaps take it down a notch? I don't know. Enough said. My pressure is climbing back up and I'm feeling better a bit.

Don't want to be complaining.

Anyway, so is Irene on the way? Looks like a trop storm to move Lee HOME!!!! After all the work that has been done on this little cottage on Temperance - Lee will have to be gentle. With luck I will have him with me starting tomorrow night. Isn't that crazy? We have to get some sort of bed down here in the "dining" room, so Jim and Lee can spell off to make sure I'm okay and have what I need in the night. Starting to match pain killers to pain.

Thinking of Liz and all her animals as they get ready for the storm, knowing they will be safe too!

And watch Lord of the Rings. There are so many things said in that movie that give me inspiration. I did watch Jack Layton's memorial yesterday. Goes without saying. But it was a really, really bad day.

Alrighty then. Watch out. There's a storm on the horizon! There's a storm a'comin'! People there's a storm a'comin'! Don't be scared. You're not alone!!!!

Peace, Emma Lee

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Few Things

Don't know whether I told you all how delighted I was to arrive home the other night - oohs and aahs as I passed from room to room. Love and light.

The next morning Jim and I were sitting at the computer and Jim spilt his entire cup of coffee everywhere. So, needless to say . . . . .

Blood work went okay yesterday. Treatment today - aredia and the new chemo. I'm aching from head to toe so here we are on the pain med cycle, at long last some might say. I gave birth to both my children by natural child birth and I do believe that I have a high tolerance for pain, but it's not quite as high as what's coming on I fear.

I have all the gear right here. Yesterday when I returned home I must have slept for hours and hours . It felt wonderful, and we shall see if that now becomes the trend. Lee will be home this weekend. Mary can't get here til next.

BTW, Mary's event? Almost $3K!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe that little gal? We are approaching the $10K mark folks. The goal will be reached and we will keep you informed. I thank you all for keeping those sale requests coming in and Jim is hoping to get your orders out the day we receive them.

And now again, my thanks to you. We keep coming around to that. My heart is so full of love and thanks and gratitude. What would I do without my family and friends? I am asking for patience with myself. So, if you could spare a prayer for patience, that would be great too. And, more importantly than all that, take time to express your gratitude and love for all.

Please love each!

Peace today,

Emma Lee

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good Morning Thursday!

This is the sunset Tuesday night from Janice's at Seafoam. Very fitting I thought.

Seems like ages. So much has happened in the world. And in this little house. And in this little body of mine. I need to regroup. Seems anything can upset the apple cart. Bloodwork this a.m. and then rest. I will have to get in touch with my gals I was going to have luncharoo with. I really don't think I can. I'm very, very tired and aching all over. Will they forgive me? I'm on it right now. As soon as I feel well again!

The house is amazing. I need to relax now. Lee is moving home this coming Monday. Mary and Dave are coming for a visit and Tessa is coming too. The whole family will be here for a few days together. I will like that. Quiet time with my family.

Alright. They say there's a storm a coming. Be careful friends. Hopefully much ado! But if not have lots of water,etc. You will need it and be kind to your little friends. And Buckets (previously known as Puff) is an outdoor cat now!!!!!!! Yay for Buckets. Freedom - we're talking about freedom. How wonderful. Thank you Deb and Alistair!

Peace today to Jack Layton and importantly to each of us as we seek our fire, our flame and our destiny together in the light.

Emma Lee

Monday, August 22, 2011

Women Alike Photo

Women Alike at the Dragon Boat festival. Beautiful picture ladies!

This could be inspiration for today.

Well, here I'm packed and I guess I'm leaving for a while. The place will be ready when I get back from bloodwork on Thursday. Always tired. Beautiful weather on the way. I'll miss Mary on BT tomorrow. Sad about that. Hopefully she can report on tonight's release. Can't wait to hear all about it. Kissing booths, dates, etc. They're having such fun. They had kind of wanted to try to stream it.

Sunshine golden. Sunshine golden. Sunshine golden.

Emma Lee

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Three Days Since First Part of Treatment

This is a picture of Doris singing for me at the Dragon Boat opening. I was supposed to sing, but simply was too weak! Thanks Miss Mason - you are a true gem.

Things are going well. Just some edema in my legs, but nothing to be alarmed about says trusty VON. Cup of coffee per Jim - beans from Maui ground and very, very nice. Slept a bit last night.

I'll keep you updated but I'm feeling good. Pressure is coming back to normal I think - maybe today. Flu-like gone. Coronation Street on. Kids having fun.

Maybe a drive in the future today. CDs at H&R. They're not open on Sundays, but don't be shy. All my information is there!

What song is going to sing in my heart today? We heard a lot of IZ in Maui - What a Wonderful World is one we heard again and again and it is indeed a beautiful arrangement. Perhaps that. Also listened to a Susie Vinnick CD yesterday - her and her acoustic - just amazing as well. She has some rocking' style!!!

Mission - good day today. Mission to be accomplished. Marching orders tomorrow - back for blood work on Thursday and next Aredia and treatment on Friday. I'll let VON know where I am! Girls will care for little cottage on Temperance Street. I need to get back to my story and will take my laptop to Seafoam.

Janice is the most gracious of hosts. Thank you dear lady. What a grandmother!

Peace to you all today,

Love and light and powerful energy into the world we go!

Emma Lee

P.S. Stop at LORDA - fundraiser needs your help - Shaun and Gwen and Lloyd and a host of others - should be awesome!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

H&R Has CDs and our Contact Information!

Yay. Downtown New Glasgow is selling Reason for Hope CDs - H&R. They have our number and some CDs so drop in and get your copy today!!!!! Located at Glasgow Square Parking Lot! Great store - friendly people - lovely day. Good day!!!!

Emma Lee

Sounds and Looks Like Fun

This is my good friend Jakki Rogue who played wonderfully at my Emma's Excursion, prior to our Maui visit. Thank you Ms. Rogue - you lovely woman!

My friends are going to take over my little front room for a period of hours for me- and while they do - I'm going to the beach at Seafoam! Won't that be fun? Won't take long - this little house is indeed a wee little house and with all hands on deck it will be done before you know it! How sweet. It was one of my wishes that I get the place set. Cleared of cat and dog hair. A hospital bed arrived yesterday, just to get ready and the front room will become my sanctuary, complete with piano, guitar, CD player, TV, close to washroom, wireless, cordless phone, what else - oh yes - friends and Jim and kids and light and love! There. Completeness. I have to watch out for germs. Jim is becoming my Gandalph. If there is a Gandalph picture posted at either door, you know my resistance is down and we have to be aware of germs. If you have a cold, you certainly should just call.

Friends coming for lunch next Thursday and David was here for a great visit yesterday.

CD comp sales are going well. Information still posted here - tell your friends. This is big. Will have to make one big concerted effort to reach target though. Mary is on BT on Tuesday! Breakfast Television.

Treatment seemed to go well yesterday. Just a hint of flu-like, which I am sure will dissipate as the day goes along. Next treatment next Friday. Blood work on Thursday. Pressure still down, but I'm okay. VON will be around today if needed.

Okay. Cloudy, but still nice. Lots of bird activity out there today - must have a look around and then breakfast. Jim will be a busy boy today.

Peace to you all. Have a wonderful Saturday. It is indeed a great Saturday.

Emma Lee

Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Friday

Happy Friday

Used to have a very different meaning! Yahoo! Happy Friday and every one seemed to share in the same lament. Regardless - it's still another beaut day out there and I intend to enjoy it.

New chemo at 10:00 a.m.

I'm looking forward to it. Will report back. I'm having a small cup of coffee. Can you believe it?

There have been found to be a glut of sharks in the waters off NS this summer. I send this shout out to Lee Stewart, who for many years read about all things sharks and told us repeatedly about the hundreds, perhaps more, sharks that reside in our waters! Good for Lee. And good thing the pool is fixed.

Jim is getting ready to deliver some CD compilations to Liz for this weekend to work her wonder. We will soon be planning a full scale County sale - and you know who you are who will be helping with this! We will need media - radio and print and posters and locations and, and, and - net proceeds to metastatic breast cancer research. Your support is the only way. Mary will have her event this weekend and I think by then, after expenses (manufacture, etc.) we might be approaching mid-way and so that means we will make it because now it will just be CD comp sales and this CD is good! $15.00 and all the ordering information is contained on this blog.

I sent a note to our local member of the legislative assembly yesterday - I want to have Oct 13 designated as metastatic breast cancer awareness day. Strip the pink for a minute. See what's happening. We need the pink, but we need to see what's behind the pink too! It's big, bigger than we want gals, sisters, my dear friends.

Enough about that. Today will be a good day - we have the power unless something earth shattering happens! Which it will not. Unless we open our mouths and talk about something, NOTHING will be done. Is that our legacy?

The above picture is a shot of me taken by Lisa MacDonald when I was performing during the songwriter's circle at the 2004 Jubilee - on stage with me is Steven Bowers, Arthur Godfrey, Thom Yutes, Clarence Deveau, Ann Oakley and Colin Smeltzer. The song was written by Simon Underwood and I, called AM I A Fool? Many times that question has been asked by both myself of myself and by those who have verbalized to others their need to understand good old enigma Emma Lee. That's good - keep asking. Keeps me grounded in the light of my life! Where you should be too. Our light is our energy - it will increase love and peace in this world. Use it for good and get ready to let it go!

Can't not tell you that PUFF the magic kitty is doing well at Debbie's!!!! Yay. Thank you universe.

Peace to you today! Love, Emma Lee

Thursday, August 18, 2011

BT Interview with Mary

On Tuesday morning! Yay. Went well. she said! Yay. Can't wait. Thanks all!

Blood Work

Another beautiful breezy day - the windows are opened and life smells pretty nice right now. I'm seeing Honey for lunch. She's my darling. Thanks Auntie Liz. Bloodwork went great, I think - cause no news is good news. 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for the new chemo. Fingers crossed guys. Prayers for me - but ones with lots of light in them please. The kids are all headed to the city today. I envy them - what fun we would have if we were all there. I'll be there in spirit. Maybe even Seaform cottages for a couple of days next week if all goes well. Jim will love that. VON will have to track me down!!! Just kidding. These are my musings, which I pray will come to fruition.

Don't you love meeting positive people? Isn't it something when a negative person enters a room and sucks the life out of it? Have you felt that recently? Last night when Jim had to do his Gandalf impersonation to protect me!

Make sure that you watch BT in the morning - Miss Mary Stewart will be on, sometime!

My friend Megan is off to a Las Vegas wedding. Now that's something! It would have been been neat to get married in a little chapel down there. But our little chapel was great too! I cried for some reason, the entire time. Jim had his Stewart garb on and I was wearing the most adorable little pink dress and hat. Don't know why I'm going there today.

Okay - have a blast today - it is a wonderful summer day - rest in the breeze, let it caress your face - it feels just some kind of wonderful; just some kind of wonderful!

Peace to you all,

Emma Lee

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to Too Early

Honey, courtesy of Auntie Liz at the latest Emma-Day-US at Aileen's!!!!

So, You will see the change in the format. Mary sat that up. I will take mail orders for the CDS - Pictou County's goal is still 200 but if I can do better! Metastatic Breast Cancer Research right? Also I can take through gmail and it's all printed out there.

VON says no to germs today. So, I'll be singing from across the street. Mary will be taping for BT on Friday - so watch up - she'll be talking about the event in TO and the CD in general. Time to order another batch of CDs I think.

Peace to you all today. The humidity is gone. Pressure still down. Nice to have the breeze though. The cleaning gang is rallying and Janice MacNeill has offered her Seaform place while the cleaning goes on. Am I blessed or what? I'll keep you updated. Love to Mary Boulter, where ever you might be driving right now! Be careful with those wonderful kids!

Peace, Emma Lee

Up Too Early

More will follow - just lost two entries Back to sleep with my angels - 14 of them - they guard us all. Peace to you, Emma Lee

Up Early

Monday, August 15, 2011


I'm a lucky gal - two great doctors and wonderful nursing staff! And Jim with me.

We're not going back to Xeloda. Psychologically, too much for me having experienced what I did. But there is another intraveneous drug they are recommending. We have thought it over. I'm going to give it one cycle. I start on the 19th. Vinorelibn. My tumour markers are flying upward. This drug will not penetrate anything in my brain, where activity is high. But it will "manage" other places. My liver is having a hard time. That's all I'm going to say for now.

Here are pictures of Puff from Debbie. Puff is being a good boy! She thinks he will settle down eventually. Isn't that great? Two lovely cats there boy.

I will be conserving energy at every angle. May not be able to make Everett's funeral but will do my best, if someone can give me hand. Talk soon,

Sunday was another beaut!

Almost all plans yesterday came through, and I was sleeping before the last episode of the The Office, which I am finding quite hilarious. Lee called in. Mary and Dave are here. Jim made a wonderful dinner. I had a candy craving. Janet dropped off a gift certificate for Ming's. Judy picked-up her Cd's. Reg and Joan dropped off the kids and left organic eggs, cheese, coffee, etc. etc. etc. Jim picked up a new ladder for the pool and dropped off Phee's wonderful clothing she loaned me for Maui. Wow. I had hammock time. We listened to IZ, the CD we bought in Maui. It's beautiful. And Julie and I had a great big visit and shared lots of stories and thoughts! She's doing good and the sun - the light - was shining!!

Doctors this morning. I'm anxious. Will report. Mary is staying over tomorrow night and then Jim will get them somehow to the airport on Wednesday. They will be meeting Lee and Tessa in TO. The kids are going to have such fun. I will be with them in spirit but hopefully they will let loose - and wear their Maui gear we loaded them up with!!! HaH!!!!!

My body. My time. My listening to my heart. My yes. My no. All those lessons I've been picking up since chemo started in early July 2010. Quality. Love, light, laughter and feeling as well as I can! And having those I love around me. Two weeks and counting til my room gets ready for me here at the little cottage on Temperance Street. Extract all unnecessary - PLEASE. No dust. Just clean and beauty. That's what I want. A rocking chair?

Peace today, pray I can make Everett's funeral on Wednesday. If pressure is good.

Open your mind. Fill your heart with the light. I can feel it now. It's free for the taking and there's lots of it.

Emma Lee

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Amazing Breeze, Amazing Light

The breeze this early morning is incredible. It must be touching people throughout the Maritimes and I hope it is and I hope you can appreciate its touch. Yesterday was busy. John my brother and his wife Mary were here. We had a feast. I had a rest. Then Jim and I went to the Dairy Queen and for a drive! Magic again because the sky was so blue it was amazing! Thank you for that. Today a friend is dropping by and perhaps some others. Thanks for the CD sales- Jim will get them out to you as soon as he can. He has to go to an open house on Tuesday in Halifax and then a turn over on Wednesday noon and then he's on compassionate leave with me.

My dear, good, wonderful friend Everett has gone into the light. His funeral is on Wednesday. I am asking God for the strength to go to his funeral. I love Everett Smith. He has been one of my greatest friends at Trinity. He has showed me the example of Christian love over and over and over again. I hope I can raise my voice for him on Wednesday.

Mary is coming home today, with Dave and I can't wait to see them. They will be travelling back to TO this week and Lee and Tessa will be going up to stay with them. Have a blast you guys! I will miss it to be sure. So will Jim, but I can't possibly make the trip and Jim is not going to leave me again! The 22nd should be a blast at the Horseshoe. Go in an visit Mary's site. I'll link it.

I am hoping for another drive, some visiting, some sleeping some eating, no nausea - higher pressure and love and light and sunshine and happiness and QUALITY of life! Get some of that in your pockets guys. That's all you need. Make a difference of good in the world.

Love to you all! Emma Lee

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Taking Mail Orders for RFH CD Comps - See Below.

Reason For Hope CD Compilation - next release. Horseshoe Tavern, TO. Can you believe it? August 22nd. Mary is going great gusto to get this off the ground. (Jim and I won't be able to go.) As far as I can tell, cause an official accounting hasn't been given to me, we may be half way to our goal! I'm hoping anyway - but don't forget we can get more printed in time for Christmas delivery and the good work can continue. I have CDs here - I am taking orders by mail (well Jim is) - snail mail that is - 170 Temperance Street, New Glasgow NS B2H 3B1. $15.00 is the cost but we need to cover shipping which we are estimating at $2.00 for packing envelope and postage. Don't be shy. It's a great product and the funds are needed for research desperately. Blatant self-promotion - Listen to track 15 first - unreleased by me!!

Jim has been flogging them in Halifax like mad. My friend Janet Ervin has six. Janet was here for a great visit yesterday. (Chicken soup!) Lynn and Linda have four. (There may be a dinner left from them today.) Megan MacKay has five. Megan was here for a great visit yesterday. H&R has 2 left. We sold over 30 last weekend! We have to account for all sales and get those funds into the Canadian Breast Cancer Network so they can do their thing. These CDs can't sit on shelves gathering dust - NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. Not my mandate nor wish. If they sit on a shelf they're not funding research and I will not stand for that - then they're off the shelf - If they don't move within one week, then find another tactic I say. I haven't gotten Liz Van den Eynden involved yet - and she can certainly help push any that aren't moving on shelves. Funds back to Reason for Hope - deposit made - cheque cut and on it's way! Okay - that's the rant. Net proceeds - after production(band alignment, bios, arrangements, artwork, etc.) manufacturing/production and release (believe me it's bare bones) costs - goes. This is my dream. As soon as sales are made, proceeds must be turned back in for deposit.

Okay. So, I'm ranting - you can tell that my pressure is nicely climbing. Karen spent the evening. Jim may be off on compassionate leave as early as next week, please God. Oncologist on Monday and we will talk Xeloda. VON checking in every day - seems a different gal every day. Busy gals. Wave to them! They are doing a good job.

Still a poor quality of life. Gone down hill considerably. My brother John and Mary coming by Saturday; Julie coming by on Sunday; Mary coming home on Sunday with Dave; Jim home tomorrow.

I'm going to rest and then try my hand at my story again - thanks Chris for guiding me - The Best Christmas Ever. Will give you previews if that's all I get! So there's your job today!!!!!!! Get your motor running!!! Forget about the rain and write, write, write.

Peace, Emma Lee

Sunday, August 7, 2011

So Many Friends, Where Do I Start?

I'm going to start with this one: I have had inspiration flowing into my heart over the past couple of weeks, as I learn to be the gal who cannot make a commitment. In that time, I've been searching for inspiration - oh, I know I'm know I'm not walking alone and all that, you don't have to remind me, I'm calling on the light and energy of all of you to fill me with good tidings. Here are some "awakenings" to go along with that. These are taken from a 2011 Calendar called Awakening published by Le Grange Centre Ministries: Ministry of the Arts, St. Joseph Press The Well: a Spirituality & Retreat Centre. Their Ministry: Through the arts we contemplate and express the universe and holiness of all creation. We affirm the power and prophecy of the arts and believe the arts to be an important ministry for hope and healing in a critical moment of world transformation. Many of the creators of the artwork here are local.

January: The day of my spiritual awakening was the day I saw - and Iknew I saw - ALL THINGS IN GOD AND GOD IN ALL THINGS. Art: Communion by Ansgar Holmberg. Each day then holds a message: My January: Regret is a waste of energy. Expect prayers to be answered.Put your heart in all you do.

February: Let yourself be loved. Fruitfulness, not success, bring true joy.
In a dark time, the eye begins to see.

March: Listen to your heart beat. Observe the grandeur of God in a tree. Grow herbs on your window sill.

April: Your inner resources are the treasure your carry. Make sometime from nothing.

May: Sit in silence at least 10 minutes each day. Feed your spirit with quiet time (Mary's birthday)

June: Have a courageous conversation with yourself. Write down your dreams. Believe that life is worth living. Courage is the price that life extracts for granting peace (Lee's birthday).

August: comes adorned with my friend Mary's cell phone number! Thank you. God's abiding prescence encourages new ways of seeing and doing. Make a plan, and then let go. Fear is a natural reaction to moving closing to the truth. Gather wildflowers. Arrange in vintage vases.

That's as far as I'm taking it. Don't want to turn the next page yet. Peace to you all today. Find inspiration - it really is all around you!

Thanks dragon boaters for making the remarkable ever more remarkable! You guys are amazing!

Peace today and always, Emma Lee

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Good Morning

Hey there Working away at getting paypal set up for CD purchases. Will give you more information in due course In the meantime, it will be going on sale this week at Dragon Boat Festival. I'll get to hear the festivities from up the hill. Take care all!! Concessions stage Friday night and Carnation booth on Saturday! Get'em soon - going like hotcakes!!!! More information on this site soon! Peace to you all today.

Aredia treatmnet and Dr Farrell in the morning.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Hey all. Sorry it's been so long. I've been fighting, fighting, fighting to start feeling like myself again. I think it's coming, but very slowly. It's such a beautiful day, I just wanted to wish you all the best. I'm breathing in the white light of the universe's energy, praying for healing and filling myself with hope. Please do the same! Find a wonderful place today and relax and breath it all in and just be amazed at all you have! Love to you all, Emma Lee

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm Going Home!

So happy. Short blog. Karen is coming at 9:30 to pick me up! See you soon hopefully. But will be resting for the rest of this week! Emma Lee

That Sir Paul!

As you can see, I'm up early to this little computer in the family room. What a great tool to have in here! We are still working on one area of concern, and as soon as that is tackled I should be able to get home. Now that I'm "in the system", I will be getting daily home visits so that will be great on the days Jim is in Halifax and I will also need my friends to check in as well. Getting my front room set-up is the next task. I am told I can get a hospital bed so that will be a great thing.

I can hear the rain pouring down on the windows. It is coming down in buckets. Plants won't need any watering today!

Oh, by the way, I took phone calls all night long from the Bell Centre. I got to hear Yesterday and Helter Skelter (the first encore) before the phone got mushy. That was at midnight. Jim said the show started late because they couldn't get Sir Paul out of NEW YORK CITY! (I have my own way of saying that - ala Sir Paul.) He played 3 hours, 2 full encores and it was an amazing show. Jim took loads of pictures. Can't wait to see them. He'll be back here around 8:30 tonight if flights are not delayed. Jim knows I would simply not have been able to endure the length of the night - he had to get into the Bell Centre at 3 (4 our time) and then wait for the sound check, which was late and then have supper, which was good, and then get first dibs at merch, which was great, and then wait for the show, for which he had to stand all the way through. I would have been a puddle on the ground. I somehow knew that in the back of my mind.

Anyway, have a wondrous day. It could be one of those days. I'm still a work in progress out here so we have to let the doctors and nurses do their thing. I will let you know when I am home. I'm very tired so please email me emmalee@eastlink.ca or call Jim at 396-6570 - he's home Sat - Tues.

Peace to you all. I'm turning my mind to thoughts of energy. Think of yours.

Emma Lee

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just Call Me The Girl Who Can No Longer Make Commitments

As Mary said, some interesting updates to my blog.

I'm sitting here in our fabulous palliative care unit at the Aberdeen Hospital. Jim is headed for the airport where I am making him take in Sir Paul's concert tonight in Montreal. We purchased this trip out of funds raised at Emma's Excursion of Hope - we split the monies into two portions: one to pay for our Maui trip and the other to pay for us to go to Montreal to see Sir Paul McCartney. I enjoyed the Maui trip. I would not enjoy the McCartney trip and it is against my doctor's advice that I would even consider going. I know that I could not do it. I am very weak. It would simply be wrong.

I'm back on steroids. The headaches have eased. The nausea has eased. One other area is holding us up and we are working on it. I will be here until that has settled down. Dr. Farrell wants me to feel well again. I want to feel well again. Traveling to McCartney and the excitement and not getting back til tomorrow night, while good for my soul potentially, would not be good for my old body. So here I sit.

Last night went wonderfully. That's what I hear. As the title to this blog says, I am now the girl who can no longer make commitments - of any kind. A full report and update shall follow, however, about last night.

There could be a much longer blog coming regarding my experience this past weekend. I'm not sure yet. I would caution folks to stay away from the ER on the weekends unless you are losing a limb. On Saturday everything got the best of me. I felt the worst I have ever felt in my life. My temperature was rising. I could not eat or drink. The pain in my side was atrocious. I knew I had to get help. I came to the ER at 3:30 or so. I stayed in the ER until a bed was found in the maternity ward on Sunday night and then on Monday when Jim arrived I sent him to find Joanne Cumminger, cancer patient navigator. It was not too much longer before Dr. Farrell was walking into my room, and putting me next on the list for a bed in the palliative ward, telling me he was going to make me feel well again (from me - and hopefully erase the experience I had just come through). Dr. MacLean has also been by twice to see me. My level of comfort has been boosted. Oh, I have to mention Dr. Colin Sutton, who on Sunday just happened to see Jim leaving the hospital and inquired about me and off he went and I just know that he touched something off (the maternity ward placement - the fact that I am involved with palliative care?) as well.

Poor Jack Layton. When he had his operation last year I knew in my mind he had developed metastatic prostate cancer. I just knew it. He looks dreadful. No one has used that term metastatic prostate cancer, calling it a new cancer instead (hmm); perhaps because he's a famous politician. There's no cure for metastatic disease, but potential cures for new cancers.

I keep saying this phrase - listen up - but "quality of life" is what it is all about. Quality of life people.

I have to be honest. I'm trying not to cry and think about Jim and Sir Paul. These seats allow us to go to the sound check and a meet and greet. Jim had been working on me getting to meet Paul. We never did get a satisfactory resolution to that. Jim says it would be easier to meet the Queen. I said it would be easier if I were 7 years old.

The Reason for Hope CD will be released in Pictou County during the Dragon Boat festival. It will be for sale on the Race site - Friday night in the Race merch tent and on race day in the lost and found area/carnation purchase area, etc. I have a team that will also be selling - Janet Ervin and Liz Van den Eynden will have product in advance and if you see them coming, pull out your wallet! We have a minimum number of CDs that have to be purchased and listened to here in Pictou County. These songs have to let their energy into our Pictou County air! It's a fabulous project: If I may, track 15 first! My daughter put together a wonderful project!!! Thanks to Tammy too for all her hard work.

Peace to you today. I hope to be home before week's end.

Emma Lee

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Note From Mary

Hello Everyone,

Today is a big day in the Stewart house.

Tammy Milbury from Codapop Studio (Halifax, NS) and I have been working over the last year on this fantastic Compilation CD which will be available for sale tonight at The Carleton! The silent auction starts at 6:30PM, music will begin at 8PM we have a wonderful line up including : Ruth Minnikin, David Myles, Lennie Gallant, myself and a secret special guest! Admission is $20.00 and CDs are $15.00, the proceeds are going towards Metastatic Breast Cancer Research!

On another note,

My mother, Emma Lee was admitted to the Aberdeen on Saturday Evening and I am certain she will have a very exciting blog post for you when she returns home to her kitties.

She wanted to be at this event so badly and is forcing my father to still attend on her behalf.

Please send out the positive healing vibes as tomorrow she is supposed to fly to Montreal for a visit with Sir Paul McCartney.


Mary Stewart

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Hammock Got The Better Of Me!

The hammock got the better of me. There it is - perched in the "back 40", and this afternoon I could not resist. It was an awesome couple of hours.

This morning I had a fabulous conversation with a dear friend. He reminded me of the energy of love that has been surrounding me and my family throughout this journey. Oh, don't get me wrong, I am everyday reminded of it. But, as I think you have gathered, I'm not feeling well, and when I'm not feeling well, it's hard for me to focus. Really, really hard. It is something that I am trying to come to terms with. In the dark of night, I call upon all of the energy that is surrounding me to become a part of me, to fill me and take away all negative energy. I cry for that to happen. So today, I'm crying for all of the positive to fill me. And that positive is love. That's what happened in the hammock in the back 40.

As I was laying under my trusty old maple tree, with the sun shining through at just the right angle to see a spider's web in all its glory, and to watch the sun dance on the leaves of that tree, like drops of sunshine really, silently raining down on me, I felt love filling me up. I was taken away somewhere, and for a couple of hours, I felt fabulous. Love. Can you pull it up? Can you imagine it? The love that fills this universe? The energy of love that fills this universe? There were children happily playing and a dog barking (in the distance), and the world seemed just right for a good long while. Now that is a memory I am going to replay, over and over again, and hope that tomorrow it will happen all over again.

Peace to you all. Get out there and experience the love in this universe. Open your hearts and minds and pull it all in: accept it, it's there for us, for all of us.

Emma Lee

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's a beautiful morning. I haven't heard the weather and am not going to make a point of listening. I'm just enjoying it right now. The pool is filling. The breeze is awesome and cool and I'm quite content. I'm working as hard as I can to push back these feelings of unwellness. It's been 4 days since I started Xeloda. The nausea is indescribable. I'm going to give it until Friday before I check in with the gals at Chemo. I'm thinking I just have to get used to the rhythm of taking these pills. The nausea pill I have has to be taken 1/2 hour before meals and the Xeloda has to be taken with food. Four tablets in the morning and three tables in the evening. I don't like to have snacks before bed, but I am now.

What a good time I had on Saturday. Besides lots of friends and a beautiful location, Auntie Liz had Honey there. I'm posting a picture. She's a darling little thing. I miss her so much.

The cats and I are having a stand-off. I can't tolerate them. Something radical has changed inside me. I cannot tolerate them. Puff is a wonderful male cat. He's fixed. He loves to play. He spends a lot of time playing and he also is quite vocal, expressing himself in little "chirtles" I will call them. He is about 2 years old, white and lovely. I'll post a picture of his little face. Boobadee is not doing well. She had been, but she's not eating and spitting out her pills and generally not doing well. We will be taking her to the Vet. Puff is Mary's cat but she's in no position to have another cat in Toronto.

Anyway, back to business here. Jim is home today, then working in Halifax for the balance of the week. CD release is fast approaching. I did an interview with the Coast yesterday by telephone. It went well. Spread the word. I hope we have a crowd. The evening is going to be spectacular!

So today, I will finish my book in Lloyd and Gwen's hammock - I'm hopeful they haven't forgotten they have left it here for my use. Jim will be in the pool tonight, I have the feeling. It is great to get the house back to some sort of organization. Pray for Boobadee. She's been the greatest little cat. She adopted us. She's been the source of much inspiration, but her time has come. Pray that Puff finds a good home. He's a dandy little cat, and will be a loyal guy to a caring family.

Peace to you all today,

Emma Lee

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday In Nova Scotia!

My goodness the weather. Is it really July 16th? Anyway, we shall survive.

Aileen has asked me out to her place today, and I guess there will be some others joining us as well. I can't wait! Jim is coming along too. Aileen's cottage is close to the beach where he grew up so he can stroll and check out the changes and perhaps run into old friends he hasn't seen in a while.

At 8:20 a.m. this morning I had the courage to start my next chemo, Xeloda. I take 4, 500 mg pills in the morning and 3, 500 mg pills in the evening. There is also a new anti nausea drug, that I misunderstood. I was supposed to take it a-half hour before I ate, and then take the Xeloda, but whatever. I'll get it into me at some point, and that mistake will not happen again. Reading the side effects on both has me pretty freaked out though. But, as Lee said last night, they have to list the side-effects but a very small minority of people actually end up experiencing them. Dr. Farrell told me yesterday that within 10 days is when the side-effects will occur, if they are going to occur. So, we shall see. I am praying the new anti nausea is really good, cause I am severely nauseated, without Xeloda! Yikes. Hopefully this Xeloda will manage things for a while.

Liz may have Honey for a drive this afternoon, and she just might pass by Aileen's! I really, really hope so.

I have another trip planned. I've been pretty quiet about this one. But here goes: At the same time we planned our trip to Maui, we learned that Paul McCartney is touring again. So on the day after the CD release in Halifax, we will fly Porter Airlines to Montreal. We have seats in the 3rd row from the front and will see McCartney at the Bell Centre in Montreal. We bought the tickets that allow us into the sound check and into a meet and greet, but there's really no guarantee that McCartney will show up or that we will get to meet him. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Jim's working on it. So that Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be very busy days for me. I'll be needing some rest after that and that of course is the 10th day since starting Xeloda! I'm a sight to see anyway. Let's hope I don't get the rash and the hand and feet problems for that night.

I see the gals at chemo and Dr. Farrell again on the 5th. In the meantime, if any problems occur, they are there for me.

Alright, enjoy this summer day, even if it doesn't feel like a summer day. This is our life and our time. So get out there and enjoy it.


Emma Lee

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Judy took these pictures today at the Museum Porch

First picture is Holly Lynn and Anna - the two students employed there this summer! They are doing a great job!

A Few Things About Yesterday

Yesterday was a busy day.

In the morning, Murray dropped by with a CD of some tunes that he's currently listening to, and a strawberry rhubarb pie! He also had his Pictou County made Whitaker Guitar and we played a couple of bluegrass numbers together, which he sang, and it was awesome. He was on his way to see Everett, my number one drummer, to have lunch. My memories turn back to our original Holy Potion days at Trinity and it is wonderful to have friends like this.

Next, Lee arrived home. Yay.

A bit later, Jim Shaffner called to say he found his air conditioner in storage and he wondered whether I might like it as I had borrowed it last year. Bring it on. So I have an air conditioner in the living room and in my bedroom, ensuring comfortability. Now, will the weather ever arrive?

Lee and I had a good visit, reviewing the pictures from Hawaii. He loves his new Hawaiian shirt and I hope Tessa will like her gift too! Lee displayed his talent at painting one of the pictures from Hawaii that Jim and I had taken. At Whaler's Village, we found one of those little photo booths. I haven't had a picture taken in one of those since I was a kid. We jumped in to have a photo taken. It took several tries and was very confusing for us old folks. Anyway, we finally had one we thought, as our time was up (I don't remember time limits), but anyway Jim had a very "evil" look on his face and I will never be sharing this picture! Lee and I had a great laugh and then Lee added some more details. I'll leave it at that but it is funny.

Then Lee and I ordered a pizza for supper which was absolutely delicious, and in fact, I felt almost like my appetite was coming back!!!

The final event of the day was one that Jim urged me to go to. He came home from Halifax to do a "cry" at a Communities in Bloom event that the Town was holding at Glasgow Square. He told me I had to go. I was confused, and not sure why I had to go to a Communities in Bloom event, but got ready anyway and we arrived at the Square around 8. It was a lovely presentation and the National reps from CIB were there. Then there were the awards. To our shock and surprise, the Town of New Glasgow and CIB presented us the "2011 Flourish & Thrive Award". Kim Dickson, in her remarks, noted how events that we have touched have gone on to make New Glasgow flourish and thrive. We are both very touched, honoured and proud of this award. Very, very lovely on the part of the Town. We will continue to pray that New Glasgow Flourish!

Then home and the end of a very busy day!

This morning started with a set on the Museum doorsteps. I had a good time and there was a lovely crowd - and we even joked about forming the Carmichael-Stewart House Chorale!

I was so cold by the time I got home I made macaroni and cheese and again I am hoping that my appetite is coming back, since I had the craving for this comfort food.

Anyway, find some comforts today that give you pleasure. I'm going to continue reading my book and I have a snugly prayer shawl to keep me warm. Lee is off to see Metallica and Jim found a place to stay in Halifax tonight. Tonight, the cats and I will hold down the fort here at home and, best of all, I hear my pool may be fixed this weekend!

Peace to you all,

Emma Lee

Press Release for CD Release

July 14, 2011


July 25th, 2011 marks the official CD Release for "The Reason For Hope", a collection of Eastern Canadian artists in aid of Metastatic Breast Cancer research.

The evening, hosted by The Carleton Restaurant on Argyle Street, Halifax, will be a night to celebrate with friends as musicians come together in an optimistic way to make a change and raise awareness of this disease. We recommend you purchase tickets in advance from The Carleton at 902-422-6335.

A silent auction will be held at the venue and will start at 6:30pm. Music starts at 730pm, including performances by Emma Lee Stewart, Ruth Minnikin, David Myles and Mary Stewart as well as other artists featured on the CD. During the evening the audience will also be granted a special performance by Lennie Gallant. Tickets are $20.00.

In May of 2010, New Glasgow resident Emma Lee Stewart (Founding chair of The New Glasgow Riverfront Jubilee, Former Chair of the New Glasgow Music Festival, Former board member of The New Glasgow Dragon Boat Festival, Choir Director and vocal instructor) learned her cancer had returned for the second time. This time, however, it returned as metastatic breast cancer, seeded in her liver. Over the last year the cancer has spread leaving metastasis in her bones and brain. Upon her first diagnosis with Breast Cancer in 2006, Stewart founded The Reason For Hope, a non profit Nova Scotia Society which has donated money to: The Canadian Cancer Society, The Lodge That Gives and the Oncology Department at the Aberdeen Hospital in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, among others.

In an attempt to turn a negative situation into a positive one, her daughter, Mary Stewart, had the idea of spreading awareness through music. During 2010, Mary reached out to friends of the Stewart Family to make this project possible. Codapop Studios (www.codapop.com) have worked on this project with Mary, allowing use of their Halifax Studio to record select tracks from Emma Lee Stewart, Doris Mason, Mary Stewart and The Danger Bees for this project.

The fundraising goal for this project is $15,000.00. Net proceeds will flow to The Canadian Breast Cancer Network for Metastatic Breast Cancer Research to make a change for women who find themselves in this situation in the future via The Reason For Hope Society.

The Reason For Hope CD includes: Alert The Medic, Amos The Transparent, Crissi Cochrane, Crush Luther, David Myles, Doris Mason, Emma Lee Stewart, Hopeful Monster, In Flight Safety, Jenn Grant, Lennie Gallant, Mary Stewart, Matt Minglewood, Rose Cousins, Ruth Minnikin, The Danger Bees and The Love Machine.

Thank you to our contributing sponsors: The Delta Halifax, Turbine by Lisa Drader Murphy and The Carleton for helping make this night possible.

For Press Inquiries please contact;

Mary Stewart
Cool Planet Entertainment

Interviews with Emma Lee Stewart can be arranged via:

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reason for Hope CD Release Party

The Reason for Hope CD Release Party - July 25th, 2011

Codapop Recording Studio is proud to present:

July 25th, 2011 marks the official CD Release for "The Reason For Hope", a collection of Eastern Canadian artists in aid of Metastatic Breast Cancer research.

The evening, hosted by The Carleton Restaurant on Argyle Street, will be a night to celebrate with friends as musicians come together in an optimistic way to make a change and raise awareness for this disease. We recommend that... you purchase tickets in advance from The Carleton at 902-422-6335.

Come out and have a drink, peruse the items and say hello to friends.

A silent auction will be held at the venue and will start at 6:30pm. Music starts at 8pm, including performances by Emma Lee Stewart, Ruth Minnikin, David Myles and Mary Stewart as well as other artists featured on the CD. There will also be a special performance by Lennie Gallant. Tickets to the event are $20.00 and we will have CDs for sale at $15.00.

Thank you to our contributing sponsors: The Delta Halifax , Turbine by Lisa Drader Murphy and The Carleton for helping make this night possible.

In May of 2010, New Glasgow resident Emma Lee Stewart learned her cancer had returned for the second time. This time, however, it returned as metastatic breast cancer, seeded in her liver. Over the last year the cancer has spread leaving metastasis in her bones and brain. Upon her first diagnosis with Breast Cancer in 2006, Stewart founded The Reason For Hope Not-For-Profit Society which has donated money to The Canadian Cancer Society, The Lodge That Gives and The Oncology Department at the Aberdeen hospital in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

Prior to Stewart's diagnosis, she has been actively involved in the music community of Nova Scotia for years as founding chair of The New Glasgow Riverfront Jubilee, a member of the board of The Provincial Music Festival, a vocal teacher, and a board member of The New Glasgow Dragon Boat Festival, to name a few.

In attempt to turn a negative situation into a positive one, her daughter, Mary Stewart, got the idea of spreading the message through music. During the year of 2010, Mary reached out to friends of the Stewart family to make this project possible. We here at Codapop Studios (www.codapop.com) have worked on this project with Mary, allowing use of our Halifax Studio to record select tracks from Emma Lee Stewart, Doris Mason, Mary Stewart and The Danger Bees for this project.

All of the musicians on this CD are longtime friends of the Stewart family and have kindly donated their songs to help spread awareness for this worthy cause.

The fundraising goal for this project is $15,000.00. Net proceeds will flow to The Breast Cancer Network for Metastatic Breast Cancer Research to make a change for women who find themselves in this situation in the future via The Reason For Hope Society.

The Reason For Hope CD Track Listing :

Sadie In The Kitchen - ROSE COUSINS
Last Waltz - JENN GRANT
Separate Cities - CRISSI COCHRANE
Old Faithful - RUTH MINNIKIN
Don't Call It Being Lonely - THE DANGER BEES
I'd Try Anything - ALERT THE MEDIC
I Could Love You More- IN FLIGHT SAFETY
Brushed By The Wings Of An Angel - MATT MINGLEWOOD
Send Someone For Me- EMMA LEE
When Emma Sings - DORIS MASON
An Extraordinary Ordinary Life - LENNIE GALLANT

Random Thoughts

As I was sending an email to my nephew yesterday, describing the nub of an idea for a story, I realized again what an inspiration Honey was for me. Our early morning walks were a real source; when the world was quiet and we set out in all kinds of weather, blazing our trail through the new day. She's been on my mind a lot recently and I don't know why. I must get to see her.

So then I started wondering now where does my inspiration come from? Certainly not from these two cats that had the run of the house for 10 days. Gosh. Although we had Karen here, twice a day for that entire duration, Puff seems to think that he is indeed the ruler of this place. Boobadee and he do not, in any way, shape or form, get along. But Boobadee is again holding her own, now that her thyroid problems are under control with medication. Puff is a real bully sometimes, but on the other hand, I have to laugh at him. He loves to play and run from end to end of the house, chasing the 3 little toys he has, or a bottle top. Yesterday I found a large marble and let that go to see what happened and indeed, it is now a favourite. The wonderful thing is neither of them any longer come upstairs to wake me up, instead waiting quietly downstairs. That is really nice. Thanks. I slept in this morning.

Lee is coming home today and is traveling with friends to the Metallica concert tomorrow in Halifax. We heard lots of Metallica when Lee was growing up. This is the second time he has seen the band.

The Carlton plans are coming along nicely for the 25th. I will post a separate blog on that, with all the details. A really nice silent auction has been set-up as well as Lennie Gallant, David Myles, Rose Cousins, Ruth Minikin and others for the songwriters circle. I'll probably post a facebook event for it as well.

Drug company funding has been approved. Friday. New chemo will start.

Going to try and gather up the cat hair and dust today. My next project is to declutter my little cottage on Temperance Street. I will rest as needed. I'm into The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest and am putting together a short set for Thursday morning (20 minutes or so) at the Carmichael Stewart House Museum. Anna and Holly are hosting music and other activities on the front porch each Thursday this summer! Wonderful ideas, a hop, skip and jump from my front door.

I haven't figured out how to edit after posting. Sorry. Forgive me.

Aileen dropped off some more granola last night. Thanks Aileen!

Alright. Find something wonderful to occupy your mind for a while today. Something you love and find complete and utter joy in. After you're finished, you can either share it with those you love, or keep it to yourself. Either way it's a present - it's a treasure.

Peace to you all,

Emma Lee

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mama's Fish Houe, Paua, Maui, Hawaii

The above pics were taken on Sunday, July 3rd, 2011. Mama's Fish House came highly recommended to us by David and Joan and I think I mentioned that before. My friend Janet also urged me to make sure Mama's was one place we didn't miss while in Maui, and so we didn't.

There was a great deal of confusion between the two of us about how to get there as Mama's is "on the road to Hana", which either provokes fear and dread, or awe and wonder, and for some reason we thought Mama's was on the other side of Hana. Many, many people urged us not to try to do the two on the same day. In any event, we were finally given a really good map by a time share salesperson (ha!) which alleviated all of our confusion. Poor fellow - he probably hasn't heard my story before! How to clear a room. In any event, we also found a listing for Mama's which noted it as the best restaurant in the world. So . . . we were really looking forward.

We had reservations for 11:30 a.m. but we set off early anyway. It was another amazingly beautiful day. As it was the July long weekend, there were lots of families camping at bountiful beaches along the way. All beaches in Hawaii are public. We were early, and so did drive a goodly enough portion of the "road to Hana" before stopping to admire some surfers and then turn around to go back to Mama's.

What an experience. A true Maui experience. The friendliness of the staff. The freshness and quality of the food. The atmosphere of the restaurant. It was all simply amazing. Thanks David and Joan! It certainly lived up to everything we had heard about Mama's Fish House. It was the best meal I have ever enjoyed and I mean enjoyed. There was just something different about how the people and the food were honored.

The bags have arrived at 170 Temperance Street!

I'm hoping that tomorrow when I wake up I'll be feeling better. CT scan today will be reviewed with me on Thursday. If drug company approval comes through, new chemo to start on Friday. Side effects described are eerily similar to how I am currently feeling.

I keep thinking of quality of life. I had some great quality of life in Maui! Thank you everyone for making that possible. I pray you are truly enjoying and honoring your quality of life. I pray for that.

Peace today and always,

Emma Lee

Friday, July 8, 2011

Pictou Lobster Carnival

The title has absolutely nothing to do with this post. But I fondly remember so many carnivals. I hope Angie has great success with her challenges this weekend. What a task! My best to all of the volunteers working so hard to make this event a success. What would we do without volunteers?

Well, our bags still haven't surfaced. I don't think I need say anything further on that end. I'm laying low as I'm not feeling at all well.

I can say that I can't believe how my little garden has grown. Yay. Harvested lettuce and had a beautiful fresh salad last night. I'll be planting more.

I'm going to post a couple of shots from our trip! The Mahana was our home away from home. The spinner dolphins were a highlight - snorkeling with the spinner dolphins! There were hundreds of them. It was amazing.

More later.

Peace to you all today.

Emma Lee