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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Taking Mail Orders for RFH CD Comps - See Below.

Reason For Hope CD Compilation - next release. Horseshoe Tavern, TO. Can you believe it? August 22nd. Mary is going great gusto to get this off the ground. (Jim and I won't be able to go.) As far as I can tell, cause an official accounting hasn't been given to me, we may be half way to our goal! I'm hoping anyway - but don't forget we can get more printed in time for Christmas delivery and the good work can continue. I have CDs here - I am taking orders by mail (well Jim is) - snail mail that is - 170 Temperance Street, New Glasgow NS B2H 3B1. $15.00 is the cost but we need to cover shipping which we are estimating at $2.00 for packing envelope and postage. Don't be shy. It's a great product and the funds are needed for research desperately. Blatant self-promotion - Listen to track 15 first - unreleased by me!!

Jim has been flogging them in Halifax like mad. My friend Janet Ervin has six. Janet was here for a great visit yesterday. (Chicken soup!) Lynn and Linda have four. (There may be a dinner left from them today.) Megan MacKay has five. Megan was here for a great visit yesterday. H&R has 2 left. We sold over 30 last weekend! We have to account for all sales and get those funds into the Canadian Breast Cancer Network so they can do their thing. These CDs can't sit on shelves gathering dust - NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. Not my mandate nor wish. If they sit on a shelf they're not funding research and I will not stand for that - then they're off the shelf - If they don't move within one week, then find another tactic I say. I haven't gotten Liz Van den Eynden involved yet - and she can certainly help push any that aren't moving on shelves. Funds back to Reason for Hope - deposit made - cheque cut and on it's way! Okay - that's the rant. Net proceeds - after production(band alignment, bios, arrangements, artwork, etc.) manufacturing/production and release (believe me it's bare bones) costs - goes. This is my dream. As soon as sales are made, proceeds must be turned back in for deposit.

Okay. So, I'm ranting - you can tell that my pressure is nicely climbing. Karen spent the evening. Jim may be off on compassionate leave as early as next week, please God. Oncologist on Monday and we will talk Xeloda. VON checking in every day - seems a different gal every day. Busy gals. Wave to them! They are doing a good job.

Still a poor quality of life. Gone down hill considerably. My brother John and Mary coming by Saturday; Julie coming by on Sunday; Mary coming home on Sunday with Dave; Jim home tomorrow.

I'm going to rest and then try my hand at my story again - thanks Chris for guiding me - The Best Christmas Ever. Will give you previews if that's all I get! So there's your job today!!!!!!! Get your motor running!!! Forget about the rain and write, write, write.

Peace, Emma Lee


  1. You got it Emma.... you get back to that story and write, write, write, and I promise I will do the same! XO Meg

  2. Mailed payment today for a CD! Can't wait to get it and enjoy it!
    Sending positive thoughts your way.
    Take care