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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sounds and Looks Like Fun

This is my good friend Jakki Rogue who played wonderfully at my Emma's Excursion, prior to our Maui visit. Thank you Ms. Rogue - you lovely woman!

My friends are going to take over my little front room for a period of hours for me- and while they do - I'm going to the beach at Seafoam! Won't that be fun? Won't take long - this little house is indeed a wee little house and with all hands on deck it will be done before you know it! How sweet. It was one of my wishes that I get the place set. Cleared of cat and dog hair. A hospital bed arrived yesterday, just to get ready and the front room will become my sanctuary, complete with piano, guitar, CD player, TV, close to washroom, wireless, cordless phone, what else - oh yes - friends and Jim and kids and light and love! There. Completeness. I have to watch out for germs. Jim is becoming my Gandalph. If there is a Gandalph picture posted at either door, you know my resistance is down and we have to be aware of germs. If you have a cold, you certainly should just call.

Friends coming for lunch next Thursday and David was here for a great visit yesterday.

CD comp sales are going well. Information still posted here - tell your friends. This is big. Will have to make one big concerted effort to reach target though. Mary is on BT on Tuesday! Breakfast Television.

Treatment seemed to go well yesterday. Just a hint of flu-like, which I am sure will dissipate as the day goes along. Next treatment next Friday. Blood work on Thursday. Pressure still down, but I'm okay. VON will be around today if needed.

Okay. Cloudy, but still nice. Lots of bird activity out there today - must have a look around and then breakfast. Jim will be a busy boy today.

Peace to you all. Have a wonderful Saturday. It is indeed a great Saturday.

Emma Lee

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