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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blood Work

Another beautiful breezy day - the windows are opened and life smells pretty nice right now. I'm seeing Honey for lunch. She's my darling. Thanks Auntie Liz. Bloodwork went great, I think - cause no news is good news. 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for the new chemo. Fingers crossed guys. Prayers for me - but ones with lots of light in them please. The kids are all headed to the city today. I envy them - what fun we would have if we were all there. I'll be there in spirit. Maybe even Seaform cottages for a couple of days next week if all goes well. Jim will love that. VON will have to track me down!!! Just kidding. These are my musings, which I pray will come to fruition.

Don't you love meeting positive people? Isn't it something when a negative person enters a room and sucks the life out of it? Have you felt that recently? Last night when Jim had to do his Gandalf impersonation to protect me!

Make sure that you watch BT in the morning - Miss Mary Stewart will be on, sometime!

My friend Megan is off to a Las Vegas wedding. Now that's something! It would have been been neat to get married in a little chapel down there. But our little chapel was great too! I cried for some reason, the entire time. Jim had his Stewart garb on and I was wearing the most adorable little pink dress and hat. Don't know why I'm going there today.

Okay - have a blast today - it is a wonderful summer day - rest in the breeze, let it caress your face - it feels just some kind of wonderful; just some kind of wonderful!

Peace to you all,

Emma Lee

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