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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Amazing Breeze, Amazing Light

The breeze this early morning is incredible. It must be touching people throughout the Maritimes and I hope it is and I hope you can appreciate its touch. Yesterday was busy. John my brother and his wife Mary were here. We had a feast. I had a rest. Then Jim and I went to the Dairy Queen and for a drive! Magic again because the sky was so blue it was amazing! Thank you for that. Today a friend is dropping by and perhaps some others. Thanks for the CD sales- Jim will get them out to you as soon as he can. He has to go to an open house on Tuesday in Halifax and then a turn over on Wednesday noon and then he's on compassionate leave with me.

My dear, good, wonderful friend Everett has gone into the light. His funeral is on Wednesday. I am asking God for the strength to go to his funeral. I love Everett Smith. He has been one of my greatest friends at Trinity. He has showed me the example of Christian love over and over and over again. I hope I can raise my voice for him on Wednesday.

Mary is coming home today, with Dave and I can't wait to see them. They will be travelling back to TO this week and Lee and Tessa will be going up to stay with them. Have a blast you guys! I will miss it to be sure. So will Jim, but I can't possibly make the trip and Jim is not going to leave me again! The 22nd should be a blast at the Horseshoe. Go in an visit Mary's site. I'll link it.

I am hoping for another drive, some visiting, some sleeping some eating, no nausea - higher pressure and love and light and sunshine and happiness and QUALITY of life! Get some of that in your pockets guys. That's all you need. Make a difference of good in the world.

Love to you all! Emma Lee

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