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Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Friday

Happy Friday

Used to have a very different meaning! Yahoo! Happy Friday and every one seemed to share in the same lament. Regardless - it's still another beaut day out there and I intend to enjoy it.

New chemo at 10:00 a.m.

I'm looking forward to it. Will report back. I'm having a small cup of coffee. Can you believe it?

There have been found to be a glut of sharks in the waters off NS this summer. I send this shout out to Lee Stewart, who for many years read about all things sharks and told us repeatedly about the hundreds, perhaps more, sharks that reside in our waters! Good for Lee. And good thing the pool is fixed.

Jim is getting ready to deliver some CD compilations to Liz for this weekend to work her wonder. We will soon be planning a full scale County sale - and you know who you are who will be helping with this! We will need media - radio and print and posters and locations and, and, and - net proceeds to metastatic breast cancer research. Your support is the only way. Mary will have her event this weekend and I think by then, after expenses (manufacture, etc.) we might be approaching mid-way and so that means we will make it because now it will just be CD comp sales and this CD is good! $15.00 and all the ordering information is contained on this blog.

I sent a note to our local member of the legislative assembly yesterday - I want to have Oct 13 designated as metastatic breast cancer awareness day. Strip the pink for a minute. See what's happening. We need the pink, but we need to see what's behind the pink too! It's big, bigger than we want gals, sisters, my dear friends.

Enough about that. Today will be a good day - we have the power unless something earth shattering happens! Which it will not. Unless we open our mouths and talk about something, NOTHING will be done. Is that our legacy?

The above picture is a shot of me taken by Lisa MacDonald when I was performing during the songwriter's circle at the 2004 Jubilee - on stage with me is Steven Bowers, Arthur Godfrey, Thom Yutes, Clarence Deveau, Ann Oakley and Colin Smeltzer. The song was written by Simon Underwood and I, called AM I A Fool? Many times that question has been asked by both myself of myself and by those who have verbalized to others their need to understand good old enigma Emma Lee. That's good - keep asking. Keeps me grounded in the light of my life! Where you should be too. Our light is our energy - it will increase love and peace in this world. Use it for good and get ready to let it go!

Can't not tell you that PUFF the magic kitty is doing well at Debbie's!!!! Yay. Thank you universe.

Peace to you today! Love, Emma Lee

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