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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Part 2 Down

Part 2 of the optional chemo is down and my oh my oh my.

Yesterday was brutal, but VON are the angels they are painted to be. Eddie. Remember that name.

Anyway, will be talking about what the third part of this silliness is before getting them to perhaps take it down a notch? I don't know. Enough said. My pressure is climbing back up and I'm feeling better a bit.

Don't want to be complaining.

Anyway, so is Irene on the way? Looks like a trop storm to move Lee HOME!!!! After all the work that has been done on this little cottage on Temperance - Lee will have to be gentle. With luck I will have him with me starting tomorrow night. Isn't that crazy? We have to get some sort of bed down here in the "dining" room, so Jim and Lee can spell off to make sure I'm okay and have what I need in the night. Starting to match pain killers to pain.

Thinking of Liz and all her animals as they get ready for the storm, knowing they will be safe too!

And watch Lord of the Rings. There are so many things said in that movie that give me inspiration. I did watch Jack Layton's memorial yesterday. Goes without saying. But it was a really, really bad day.

Alrighty then. Watch out. There's a storm on the horizon! There's a storm a'comin'! People there's a storm a'comin'! Don't be scared. You're not alone!!!!

Peace, Emma Lee

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