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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Three Days Since First Part of Treatment

This is a picture of Doris singing for me at the Dragon Boat opening. I was supposed to sing, but simply was too weak! Thanks Miss Mason - you are a true gem.

Things are going well. Just some edema in my legs, but nothing to be alarmed about says trusty VON. Cup of coffee per Jim - beans from Maui ground and very, very nice. Slept a bit last night.

I'll keep you updated but I'm feeling good. Pressure is coming back to normal I think - maybe today. Flu-like gone. Coronation Street on. Kids having fun.

Maybe a drive in the future today. CDs at H&R. They're not open on Sundays, but don't be shy. All my information is there!

What song is going to sing in my heart today? We heard a lot of IZ in Maui - What a Wonderful World is one we heard again and again and it is indeed a beautiful arrangement. Perhaps that. Also listened to a Susie Vinnick CD yesterday - her and her acoustic - just amazing as well. She has some rocking' style!!!

Mission - good day today. Mission to be accomplished. Marching orders tomorrow - back for blood work on Thursday and next Aredia and treatment on Friday. I'll let VON know where I am! Girls will care for little cottage on Temperance Street. I need to get back to my story and will take my laptop to Seafoam.

Janice is the most gracious of hosts. Thank you dear lady. What a grandmother!

Peace to you all today,

Love and light and powerful energy into the world we go!

Emma Lee

P.S. Stop at LORDA - fundraiser needs your help - Shaun and Gwen and Lloyd and a host of others - should be awesome!

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