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Friday, August 27, 2010


Just heard from the Metastatic Breast Cancer organization that my application for funding was approved. I'll be attending the conference in Indianapolis on October 15 and 16. It's been a very good day!


Emma Lee

Half Way Mark - Have Fun Mac Crew!

It's officially here - the half way mark for this first round of Abraxane. Turns out Megan will be able to come with me for the treatment. Hopefully we will have some lunch following. Gabrielle has given me some more coping strategies for the after-effects. Meredith has come and gone with my bloodwork to the lab for review. I'm pretty sure all is well. If I don't hear anything, off to the Aberdeen at 10:30 a.m.

Lee is coming home for the weekend tonight, as is Jim. Mary is trying to get some time too. I will be going to the beach for the next week. A friend has kindly offered their digs at the Merb. Can you imagine? The kindness of others is filling my heart. The weather forecast is quite favourable. I am anticipating a very healing week. I am anticipating beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I have to get my camera fixed.

I'll post before I head to the ocean.

Have a wonderful day everyone. To the Mac Mac & Mac crew - when you are cruising over the most challenging rapid, imagine me - that is my life right now!

Peace and Love to you all,

Emma Lee

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Night Before the Day Before The Next Treatment

I always have a hard time sleeping as my body and mind start anticipating the upcoming treatment. Such was last night. Even though I had a great day yesterday. A friend treated me to her yard and garden, humming birds, finches, chickadees, kittens, a great dog named Tucker, and a fantastic meal and fellowship. Then I had the most amazing telephone conversation with a naturopath with incredible healing powers. She may end up being responsible for buying me more time. Goodness. Despite all, sleepless. Early morning and the ritual I perform the day before - clean the house to the best of my ability. I'm listening to some dandy music while I clean: Jakki Rogue's newest CD of Maritime Music - which she recorded and produced - all her own arrangements. It is wonderful! Mary Stewart of course. My friend Dale, who lost his Marina to cancer several months ago sent me Lynda Randle Live - a dandy gospel CD, which Dale tells me helped him get through some very difficult times. I can see why. She's rocking it. I would love to sing some of those songs. Her version of His Eye is on the Sparrow makes me cry. Martyn Joseph. I know, sounds like I have a big house - I don't. I just have to stop and dance every now and then, and catch my breath, have some juice, and warm lemon water and call my Jim. I'm getting emotional. Time to say adieu for a while. I'm going to walk out to Mac3 and the East River Wellness Centre. Mac3 is having their summer gathering this weekend - tidal bore rafting. Think I'll pass this year.

Peace to you all this day. If you get the chance to forgive someone today, do it. Don't forget to forgive yourself.

Emma Lee

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Musings on this Morning's Trit Trots - Feeling Yes

I slept in today! Opened my eyes at 6:20 a.m.! Honey was singing from her kennel. We made quick work of our first trit trot, came back in, had breakfast and then out for our second, which I allowed to be a sniffing walk. What a gorgeous morning. It was so quiet when we were out, and now that the sun is rising later, the color of the sky and trees, houses and buildings, held the most incredible warmth. I let Honey sniff as much as she wanted: she's so close to the ground, she loves to sniff and apparently there are lots of calling cards around. While she sniffed, I allowed the sun to beat down on my hat/scarf/coat, which are now required. Albert Street was amazing. As we slowly made our way along I imagined the junior high in a few days from now, buzzing with excitement as the kids get ready to go back to school. It is now approaching 4 months since life changed.

Going down Forbes Street has become kind of comical really. There are two lovely cats who hang out at a little grey house, I think they live there. They have been ambushing Honey the past couple of weeks and I saw them take their positions this morning. I didn't warn the sniffer as she was lazily sniffing along, and she almost jumped out of her skin. It was hilarious. I must look like a mad woman laughing out loud at my dog's antics.

Just around the corner from the grey cat house there is a lovely cul-de-sac and the way the sun was shining on a particular yellow house just made me stop. I promised myself that I would be able to recall that scene, including the feeling of the heat on my back, for the rest of this day.

The way that street looked, drenched in the morning sun, reminded me of how a "yes" should feel. That's one of the exercises I have been working on. Seems I have had my yes and no reversed for a while. I'm buying into that. I have. Through discovery, I have learned how a yes, for every decision I have to make, should feel. When it feels like a celebration, a wonderful, affirming celebration it is a yes. Today, I challenge you to feel your yes, and your no. I pray your answers are clear.

I had a big yes moment yesterday, when Suzanne from Indiana called. She is a volunteer with the Metastatic Breast Cancer organization in America. I have found no such group in Canada, and certainly not in Atlantic Canada. I have applied for assistance to attend the MBC conference in October in Indianapolis. We had the most affirming conversation. I was formerly a breast cancer survivor. I am now living with cancer. Fingers and toes crossed. If it is meant to be, it shall be. There is the potential for a wealth of life-saving information there.

Have a wonderful day. Peace, Emma Lee

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Fun Escape this past Weekend

I was able to travel to Annapolis Royal this past weekend with Jim. A Nova Scotia Guild of Town Criers gathering was being hosted by Peter and Val Davies. They are an awesome couple! Anyway, it was fun but busy to prepare the house and Honey for the trip. I was really, really lucky to find Angela. She came and stayed with Honey while we were away. Angela stayed with Honey, even after a disagreement over a sock. And I know how Honey feels about socks. She's very determined when it comes to socks. Knowing Honey was safe was the only way I could have gone away for the weekend. I drove to Halifax, picked up Jim, and off to Annapolis Royal we went. It was about 5 hours of travelling by the time the dust settled. The first event was Friday night, which was a gathering at Nova Scotia's smallest pub, they say, Ye Olde Town Pub. I did fall off my diet, and enjoyed some fabulous whole fried clams, which I adore! The drive got the best of me early on and sleep was calling, so back to our motel - about 10 minutes out of town, which had the most incredible view out our back patio doors. It was lush and beautiful. I am thinking I would love to go back there when fireflies are busy. It would be incredible. I enjoyed two mornings there, with tea, a bit cold, but listening to the birds was lovely. Saturday was filled with activities for all of the criers and their escorts. I didn't dress as an escort, since I have no hair. I didn't feel it would be appropriate. But I did enjoy that lovely little town. The town was enjoying Paint the Town while we were there, and there were artists set up everywhere. What a great idea. The criers did an invitational cry at the farmer's market (which was unbelievable - lots of treasures to be found), and then we were invited to the historic Hillside House Inn for lunch. Oh my goodness. When we arrived, it was just past noon. The grounds are lovely, again leading down into the marsh, and ripe for exploring. As I trotted along, there was Tom Forrestall, who was working on his contribution to Paint the Town. With him was his grandson and his daughter. Waiting for the others to arrive, I found a rocking chair on the shaded side porch of the Hillside and relaxed. The sky was the most amazing blue. Nay a cloud. Criers gathered, war stories were exchanged, and the Town sent a representative counsellor to welcome us all. The Town hosted a lunch of grilled chicken and strawberry spinach salad, topped with pecans. Dessert was a wonderful fresh blueberry crepe. Yum! We had free time in the afternoon to explore and back to the lighthouse we went, where the Oyster Boys from Annapolis, Maryland were entertaining. Annapolis Royal and Annapolis Maryland share many things, such as musicians and criers! Squire Fred will up in October. I hope to see he and Denise then. We then went to the Legion where the artwork was on display. The evening saw us off to Peter and Val's for a wonderful time of fellowship, laughter and food: salmon, steak, chicken, salads and desserts. Peter and Val live right on the basin. The view is absolutely amazing, and you can literally watch some of the highest tides in the world come and go. We had a wonderful time. Up bright and early on Sunday, so that we could visit farmer's markets throughout the Valley, on the back roads leading home: the freshest of the fresh corn, peaches, swisschar. Guess what? Honey was happy to see us! (I was secretly happy to see her.) Angela did a great job, and unbelievable as it may seem, will come back anytime we need her! Yay!! Honey made a friend.

My camera has not worked since dragon boat weekend. I'll have to have it fixed, because I could have filled it with pictures from the weekend. The weather was great, as was the company and the historic and picturesque Town of Annapolis Royal.

Peace to you all,

Emma Lee

Healing Treasures

When I finished my last post, I was off to see Kathy Roy at Spirit Garden for a Life Energy Balancing Session. I am findng Kathy to be amazing and intuitive. I have been doing a lot of reading and wanted to share many questions with her. Luckily for me, she had lots of answers and information. (I have mentioned the many helpful books that have been recommended and dropped off to me. If I started reading now, it would be months before I could finish them all! I'm enjoying this opportunity so much. You know when you are working full time and filling your off time with volunteering activities, the time to read is really hard to find.) Anyway, it turns out that the Life Energy Balancing that Kathy practices does refer in many ways to the Chakra Clearing (awakening your spiritual power to know and heal)that I have been practising. My friend Katie MacDonald has loaned me a spare massage table and I have it set up in my upstairs backroom, along with a CD player and it is amazing to go up there and listen to these incredible meditative, healing CDs. Yesterday was once such experience. My cat Boobadee jumped up next to my head, purring, she groomed and settled down for the 15 minute meditation time. It was purrfect for both her and me! Another practice that Kathy is familiar with is QiGong Healing - she is close to completing another level of that practice. I am so lucky that she will be able to show me the exercises I have been trying to do from reading the book and looking at the pictures. Fleur gave me the book BALANCE by Susan Manion MacDonald, which details Susan's journey to recapture her health after a stage 4 diagnosis with lympathic cancer. Susan's course was a complete detoxificaion and nutritional support program. This was also confirmed when my musical friend Murray got me in touch with his cousin who did a similar program and guess what, he's still around. So, I had questions on all of those things, and Kathy helped me develop a diet to support a healthy pH Balance, including spirulina. A juicer purchased years ago as a present, which has been gathering dust, has been revived and is making the most delicious apple/carrot/ginger juice you can imagine. Every other night, my liver is being treated to a castor oil pack for 15 minutes, using cold pressed and hexane free castor oil on plain white flannel, and a hot water bottle. Another exercise Kathy has given me allows me to acknowledge any fear/resentment that pops into my musings using "Hoʻoponopono (ho-o-pono-pono)". Wikipedia describes it as an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. Traditionally hoʻoponopono is practiced by healing priests or kahuna lapaʻau among family members of a person who is physically ill. Jakki, early on in this journey, gave me a book/CD called healing cancer from the inside out. I've got the courage now to really get into that book. I'm listening to my heart, and letting it lead me where it wants. I'm learning not to push, which is difficult for a gal like me. My last session with Kathy was pretty powerful, when my heart told me, as it was pulsing through and around my liver, that "it knows what to do". Tears.

I know that I could be calling Dr. MacLean and bothering him about my CT scan results. I've decided not to. I'm going for my treatment on Friday and if they need me to know anything, they will call, believe me. Meredith (dragon boat captain, lab technician at the Hospital) will come here at 8:40 to collect my blood. There shouldn't be any problems. I finished all the antibiotics I had to take for the UTI that occurred 10 days ago and it's gone. I'm tired, but that's t be expected. Lynn is driving me out and picking me up. I'll have a fictional book with me to pass the time - but it's always quite entertaining there. You wouldn't believe that in the midst of full chemo chairs and rooms, the nurses keep it light, funny, yet incredibly professional. They are angels. So are the volunteers who keep me hydrated with water. So, onwards and upwards. My third eye is seeing my future - dancing, smiling and laughing with a grandchild.

Be kind to yourselves and appreciate all that you have.

Peace, Emma Lee

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Busy Morning, not just for Me!

Okay. So, my CT scan was moved to today. I was able to get the Telebrex yesterday. As directed, I took it at 7:30 a.m. I arrived at the Hospital at the assigned 9:15 a.m. and checked in with Xray. I took my seat in the waiting area. A young technician I had never seen before came out and called my name and in I went. I told him about my "power port". That's when the fun began. After making a couple of calls, I was instructed to head up to the medical day unit (oncology), so that they could "put the line in" for me. Off I went. Unbelievably, they were not busy. The gals tried 3 times to "put the line in", but could not get any blood return. Blood return means its into the vein, and into my system. I have had blood return both times it has been used for chemo. So, in order to be sure it was in, I was sent back to CT where they would have to run some dye in order to see whether it was in. Back to the ground floor, where CT referred me to xray. I waited in xray. Then a lovely gal called my name! Call my name, call my name, while others who had been sitting there when I arrived, glared at me. In I went, and Dr. Hoffman actally stayed in the room and did the procedure to make sure that the line was in. He told me it did give him some resistance. Then back to CT, through a secret short cut I had never seen before. Right in, change, come back out, door to the main area open - prepare to see Frankestein - well Mrs. Frankin anyway - no hair, one boob, I think you get the picture - hide in corner, quick. Into the room, get me settled, figure out the right connection for the line, put me into the machine, then remember I hadn't signed the consent form, back out, signing the form with my hands over my head, back in. Rush of warmth, scan the chest and abdomen. Back out, flip around, scan the head. You're done with CT! Back to medical day on the 4th floor to have the line taken out. Every chair in the chemo clinic is full and there are people waiting to get in. Okay - alright - waiting room here I come. Luckily I have "Edgar Sawtelle" with me and other than being hungry and tired, I can amuse myself til those angels in medical day can see me, hear my story about the port, and take out the line. The gals told me it is not unusual for a port to behave this way. It is better I had it done today. If it would have happened before my next chemo treatment, I would have had to wait, as they can't combine the dye and the chemo. The gals in chemo told me that I could call Dr. MacLean for a verbal on the CT scan. I'll put that in my back pocket and try calling on Monday. I am having my next chemo treatment.

I treated myself to a prepared salad from McDonald's on the way home and was greeted by the best little girl, waiting to have a trit and a trot and a pee. I'm off to see Kathy Roy at Spirit Garden now. Life Energy Balancing.

Peace to you all,

Emma Lee

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Breeze This Morning

The breeze this morning touched me. Such gentleness. Sitting here, listening to quiet music, eyes closed, it reached through my front window and softly caressed my face - a most beautiful gift. Slowly opening my eyes, I relish another gift - the view. The early morning sun is lingering, laying a gorgeous hew atop the trees and roof tops of the West Side. There is a dance in the air. I close my eyes. The breeze is with me, and it has with it a swirling royal blue.

Peace to you all.

Emma Lee

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Two Things!

1. I referred earlier today to the drawing of the beached dragon boat. To make it even better, Philip titled it: Women A Like A Stuck A River! (aka Women A Like A Breast A River.)

2. My friend Lloyd coined a term I like today - Em-ergy. I'm going to keep it! I'm putting it to use right now!

Peace everyone,

Emma Lee

Second Chemo Done, Coping Strategies, Wedding Bliss, People To Miss

Well, got through another one. Actually met with Dr. Samantha Gray yesterday at the oncology clinic at the Aberdeen Hospital. My next treatment, if all is well, will be on the 27th and then the next CT scan will occur so that we can see what's what. I had my "list" of complaints and questions with me and after we reviewed them, Dr. Gray gave me a couple of good strategies for dealing with some of the side effects. I met with Alice too. She "triaged" me before my meeting with Dr. Gray. I cannot believe the quality of the staff at the clinic. And the volunteers are amazing too. I arrived a bit early yesterday and was able to chat with a couple of other gals going through similar adventures. There was quite a gang at the clinic yesterday. It is eye opening.

Both volunteers yesterday were from the Dragon Boat team. We were laughing about the "beaching" of the boat and in fact, I was presented with a "cartoon" drawn by Philip that is hilarious, showing the boat, the beaching, and the couragous gals who actually got out, stood in the East River, and tried to free us. The local fire department rescue boat couldn't even accomplish that. It took the Stevensons, Joel and Crystal to come out and rescue us at the end of the day! I'm going to frame that picture and put it with my other dragon boat memorabilia.

I'm into my 10th to 14th days again and so am taking it easy. Thank you folks for your emails and cards. I'm having lots of laughs and tears. Also, thanks for the books that are being dropped off. I'm learning a lot, and enjoying some great fiction as well. With the help of Kate, I may even get a room set-up for meditation purposes.

This lunch time I am meeting with someone who may be able to help out with Honey! Can't wait. I hope Honey behaves herself.

This past weekend Jim and I attended Leslie 2's wedding to Trevor. What a fabulous day. The weather could not have been better and the bride was a picture of loveliness. Leslie's sister Lisa sang a couple of songs, the second of which was Ave Marie. She did a bang-up job. Between wedding and reception, Leslie 1 invited us to her home. Do you know that her little darling was in that church the whole time and didn't make a sound. Reid is his name and he is a darling. Reid had a good time socializing. So did I! What fun I had, even getting a couple of dances in before coming home. It was a great gathering and so wonderful to get Mac staff together for a happy occasion. On Sunday I was lucky enough to join Lloyd's music team at Trinity for contemporary worship. I also got to work on the actual service with Marie. The theme was "Restore Us". I think I'm sort of calling that out right now. The music was great. I had a blast. Later that day, Lynn and Linda arrived with some more grub and we had a wonderful dinner.

It was a great weekend. Honey was very happy because both of her guys were home. She's looking at the door again. Every now and then she lifts her head, cocks her ears and trots out to have a look. She'll have to wait a bit longer yet. I think she does get a bit tired of hearing my songs though, the latest of which is "A Tritter and a Trot and a Trot and a Tritter (With You)", supplemented by the occasional "Hang On Honey, Honey Hang On!" If I had a Mac, I'd be doing a song a day too, directed to my cat and dog!

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Exhale quietly. You are loved. Deep Peace to you all.

Emma Lee

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wondrous Power from the Boulter Road

I have connected on Facebook with my cousin Click. We are double first cousins. (History lesson: Our grandparents and parents grew up a mile or so apart on the Boulter Road, Glenwood, PEI. My father Calvin married Claudette's father's sister Rebie. Rebie's brother Garfield married Calvin's sister Doris. My Aunt and Click's mother Doris still resides in O'Leary, PEI.)

Click inquired last week whether a "fly past" could be ventured this weekend. I said yes! I love the company of the Islanders. On Sunday the Islanders arrived. Couldn't believe it - cousin Click, friend Treena, cousin Joan and my father's sister Shirley. Aunt Shirley. I couldn't believe she made that trip. I love them all. It was a great visit. Honey was performing. Jim was answering the phone and adding his two bits. And we were sharing laughs. I was told how the "girls" take these road trips fairly regularly.

They brought not only their lovely presence, but they also delivered to me two of my father's mother's - my Grandmother's Bibles which had been in the possession of cousins Joyce and Wayne. My paternal Grandmother's name was Caroline Etta (Cain) Boulter. She was proud to tell you that she was a born again Christian. She could recall very clearly the time and place of that rebirth. My cousins Wayne and Joyce wanted me to have these Bibles in order to absorb Grammie's strength and faith through them.

When I hold them it is very surreal. I am taken back to summer vacations on the Island in Grammie Boulter's beautiful house. It was beautiful to me. I can almost smell it. She made bread and cookies pretty well every day (the best ever). If you were lucky enough to be up early you could be part of her getting ready for the day. She had beautiful long hair, which she combed each morning, then braided and then put into a bun. She always wore a lovely dress and apron and practical shoes. And she sang while she worked in her kitchen. The kitchen had a wood stove, which was always going, despite the heat of the summer. After breakfast almost every morning, once dishes were done, whoever was there would gather together and pray and read scripture. And when we prayed, we prayed on our knees. I know she used these Bibles during that time. After supper we would be invited to play cards at her wonderful round dining table - Bible cards.

Today I will be sitting in a rocking chair on her front porch, on a dirt road in the west end of Prince Edward Island, with nothing but the birds, the wind and love.

These Bibles will be cherished. My Grandmother not only used them for worship, but they are a treasure of family history, containing names, birthdates, etc. of relatives, many of whom I never knew. Thumbing the same pages my Grandmother loved will be a very spiritual experience for me.

I am deeply indebted and grateful. Deep peace to all.

Getting back to the old new me, or should that be the new old me?

I think I've made it through! Yay!! Is it a coincidence that the sun is also shining today?

Honey and I had a great brisk walk this morning,around the same time as the construction workers were arriving to start their noise. It was so lovely out there. The air is definitely cooler though. I love it. I think Honey likes it too. She had quite a strut on throughout. We stayed out for a while.

I cannot believe it is Thursday already. So much has happened since I last posted, besides the balance of my hair screaming to leave me.

Suzie Vinick was in town to play a house concert and I was secretly hoping I could go. She called me to check in that night. I could not have sat through that concert. But she's doing great. One of the great women of folk in our country. I bet it was a dandy night.

Lynn and Linda arrived with some fabulous grub.

Jakki checked in several times this week. Lee is away, and so Honey and I are holding down the fort. Jakki's also a great woman of folk.

Dragon Boat weekend was wonderful. I had a blast on Saturday. Highlights - seeing everybody; being able to be part of the "visioned" race - which we won; cheering for MacAttack; cheering for Women Alike and Boat 2; having lunch with the "survivors" - reconnecting; dancing on stage while Fleur was rocking it (another great woman of music); being able to head down to get the boat and paddle it up and wait for the final race - WHICH WOMEN ALIKE WON;being part of the pink carnation ceremony; getting beached in the East River for at least 15 minutes and howling with laughter at the way life works.

I also had a visit from Ruth, such a kind and loving heart. She remains in my thoughts.

More later, peace to all of you. If you are reading this post, you are in my prayers. Connect with your heart. What is it telling you today?

Monday, August 9, 2010

I'll Touch Base with You in a Bit

The last treatment is proving a bit more intense than my first. I was lucky to ignore it long enough to enjoy the Race on the River and be part of a very moving pink carnation ceremony. It was emotional friends. Anyway, we zigged when we should have zagged and ended up beached in the East River. I will write more as I feel well enough. Didn't know you could hurt in so many places at once. Must be working. I'll be in touch in a bit. Mary et al. will be baking cupcakes tonight - to be sold at the Midsummer Cupcake Sale on Wednesday, August 11th - Parade Square in Halifax. She is part of Tunes at Noon. If you're in the City - it starts at Noon and she will be there with homemade cupcakes for the cause - they are vegan to beat, PLUS her fabulous original music. Peace to you all. Be back in a few days, with luck.

Emma Lee

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Off To The Races

Saturday morning has dawned - the day after my last treatment. I know something is working away. I like to imagine The Lord of The Rings - Return of the King - and the final great battle when no one relented - or the tidy bowl dudes, rushing in there to busily work away. Anyway, enough about that.

I'm off to the races - the dragon boat races. The weather looks good. I am excited to see my cohorts down there and am wishing all that participate good luck and good health.

Honey's picture is on the front page of the News. She's my star! Sueann at the News and I met earlier this week and she has crafted and published an awesome story. I'm so happy Honey is part of it. She's my little downstairs darling. My cat Boobadee (I like that name cause it's very easy to rhyme and scat) hasn't come downstairs since Honey arrived a year and a-half ago, so I get to enjoy her company at night/morning. She sneaks downstairs when Honey is sleeping, but as soon as Honey senses her presence, the game is afoot. They are both little angels.

I'm going to take it as easy as possible today. I pray that you all do too - enjoy your time.

I want to thank you all for your kind wishes and positive vibes. Peace, Emma Lee

Friday, August 6, 2010

A little about the CD Project.....

Emma Lee Stewart from Colin MacDonald on Vimeo.

Thank you to Codapop, Joel, Kinley, Colin, every artist, and friend who is helping us with this project.



Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Gentleman I met Last Night

I had a gentleman arrive at my back door last night. He had been trying to get in to see me for a few weeks now. My neighbour mentioned to me that her uncle had "healing" powers, via prayer. As you know, I gladly accept prayer. It was this gentleman who visited me. He prayed for me folks, and I mean prayed. He asked his Lord and Saviour to take this cancer away from me. He was ernest. He was genuine. He was sincere. I thought he was a lovely man for the kindness he showed to me - a complete stranger. He told me of his past and the success he has seen with this kind of prayer. I will take it. He shared with me where his very clear path is leading him. It was touching and kind. He told me he felt a strong sense that the Spirit was with us and listening.
Peace, Emma Lee

The Count Down is On

The count down is on for tomorrow's treatment, and I am somewhat excited. I'm wondering what is happening inside, and imagining wonderful, curative things.

Back in April, the firm (Mac, Mac & Mac) gave all staff members gift certificates for a session at Healing Touch. What a wonderful gift, and I get to reap the benefits today - I'm having a foot massage. Thank you Debbie T.

I bet things are getting into full swing for dragon boating this weekend. I have so many reasons to get down there and yell. But I won't yell - I'm going to conserve my energy. I'm praying my treatment will allow me to get down and support my favourite paddlers - MacAttack (Mac, Mac & Mac), which includes Jim and Lee, and the Women Alike and the Women Alike Support Boat, which includes Jim. It's going to be great and the weather looks like it will cooperate. Women Alike will be hosting a luncheon for all visiting breast cancer survivors and I am going to enjoy that! Then there will be the pink carnation ceremony following the breast cancer final. Come down and show your support - you can purchase a carnation, which will be tossed into the East River as a sign of remembrance or support to anyone or any family touched by cancer. I guess there's a seat in the boat for me. I'll have my kleenexes with me.

I've been emotional these past few days and not sure why - but I'm letting myself be emotional. I'm welling up with love I guess for my family. My daughter Mary, as you know, has been so busy with things - she set up this blog and all things associated with it. She's too much like me I think. She has incredible friends. When she let them know what was happening to our family, they have come to her side and her rescue in an amazing way. I would say in a very hopeful way. Her plant a tree idea is so wonderful, and will live on and on. Living hope. Her music idea is also amazing. The young artists of today so willing to support each other, it's just blowing my mind. The spinoff will be my ability to continue to seek ways of beating the beast or slaying the dragon and prolonging our family's quality of life. There is just so much to learn. Maybe I'm emotional because of that. I'm not alone here folks. I'm not the only woman who has received this news recently. Maybe that is why I am so emotional. Please be thankful and grateful for everything you have and your dear loved ones.


Emma Lee

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sacred Heart – Beautiful Heart – Wonderful Heart – Grateful Heart.

My homework - could be yours too - to make time everyday to be with your heart - to feel it and see if it wants to share anything with you. Thank you Kathy, for the session today. It was a great start to this incredible journey with you. See Spirit Garden. www.spiritgarden.ca

A busy Weekend, a busy Week ahead

Well, what a week/end. I really enjoyed a full household. My whole family together. Lee's gal Tessa was here. The phone was ringing with good wishes. My hair was falling out. An incredible flower arrangement arrived, which is enjoying a place on my dining room table. A fabulous bag of hats, scarves, a card and book that will give me so much pleasure was outside my back door. Janet arrived with a fabulous veggie lasagna (and all the fixin's, including blueberry cake!!), the sun was shining, the tunes were floating up the street on Friday and Saturday nights and it was so fabulous to sit by the pool and enjoy our little town, alive with the promise of music. But Sunday night was the best. Mary and her band took the stage as the first performer of the night. Blue Rodeo was headlining. To be able to walk two blocks to the riverbank and Glasgow Square was pretty thrilling. I recalled the "old" days. Before Glasgow Square. When we worked and laughed and cried and bled to make it an enjoyable weekend - a celebration - a reward for this community. I recall standing there watching the crowds arrive, amazed at this Jubilee. So many Jubilee moments to recall. As I sat there the thought occurred to me that we haven't done such a bad job, have we? On so many levels. I ended up sitting with great friends Lynn and Linda, Jim, Lee and Tessa, Janet and a bunch of Mary's friends who came to support her. There was a really great crowd, probably the biggest crowd yet she's played for. (There are pics on facebook.) She did a fabulous job. One of my favourite lines was "buy a CD, feed a cat for a month". Good one. She even dedicated a song to Jim and I about how she will make a great wife. (I think she was kidding!) One of her songs a day was a request to marry Jim Cuddy, but I think he's taken already. Her last song was #37 - and it's a dandy!!!! She's in the process of trying to narrow down which songs should make her next album. Please visit marystewartmusic.com - I believe it should take you to her song a day blog. Or search her name and song a day. The crowd did get pretty crazy, however, as the anticipation rose for BR's appearance. Mark, Mary's bass player, loaned me his back stage pass and I was able to take a reprieve from the madness. The youngsters in the crowd were starting to rush the stage in advance of BR's appearance. I was able to sit in the green room and enjoy the live feed (video and audio) backstage. That also allowed me to catch up with so many folks I haven't seen for a while - and who will keep the prayers and positive vibes happening - maybe even some music - yes, fun, fun, fun. Sunday afternoon in Carmichael Park was really enjoyable - the weather could not have cooperated more - well I could go on and on. You can tell, I had a blast.

As I sit here this morning, quiet is descending inside my home, but not outside. Major roadway/sewer work has now reached the intersection outside my little cottage on Temperance Street and back-up music/dump truck sound is greeting the day and I mean greeting the day. Good thing I don't like to sleep in. These guys are just like me - up with the birds. Oh well, I don't much mind. You know I learned from Doris Mason years ago when I visited her in New York, that we can pretty well make music out of anything. So that's what my imagination is doing - making music out of it.

Lloyd dropped off an SATB/organ version of Before the Marvel of this Night (Carl Schalk). My next goal is to put together a choir to interpret this song. It is a marvelous song and arrangement:

Before the marvel of this night
Adoring, fold your wings and bow
Then tear the sky apart with light
And with your news the world endow
Proclaim the birth of Christ and peace
That fear and death and sorrow cease
Sing peace, sing peace, sing gift of peace
Sing peace, sing gift of peace

Awake the sleeping world with song
This is the day the Lord has made
Assemble here celestial throng
In royal slendour come arrayed
Give earth a glimpse of heav'nly bliss
A teasing taste of what they miss
Sing bliss, sing bliss, since endless bliss
Sing bliss, sing endless bliss!

The love that we have always known
Our constant joy and endless light
Now to the loveless world be shown
Now break upon its deathly night
Into one song compress the love
That rules our universe above
Sing love, sing love, sing God is love
Sing love, sing God is love!

(I can't wait. If you want to sing with me, get in touch! Sopranos an easy F, Tenors an easy F, Basses - a wonderful low F, but the Altos have the best line of all!)

If all is well, next treatment Friday, August 6th - the same day as the Dragon Boat Festival starts. MacAttack had their first practise session last night. Women Alike will be out tonight and Thursday night. I am sooooo hopeful I will get down to the East River to enjoy this fabulous festival too. Go MacAttack. We are blessed.

Sing Peace, Sing Bliss, Sing Love

Emma Lee