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Monday, August 9, 2010

I'll Touch Base with You in a Bit

The last treatment is proving a bit more intense than my first. I was lucky to ignore it long enough to enjoy the Race on the River and be part of a very moving pink carnation ceremony. It was emotional friends. Anyway, we zigged when we should have zagged and ended up beached in the East River. I will write more as I feel well enough. Didn't know you could hurt in so many places at once. Must be working. I'll be in touch in a bit. Mary et al. will be baking cupcakes tonight - to be sold at the Midsummer Cupcake Sale on Wednesday, August 11th - Parade Square in Halifax. She is part of Tunes at Noon. If you're in the City - it starts at Noon and she will be there with homemade cupcakes for the cause - they are vegan to beat, PLUS her fabulous original music. Peace to you all. Be back in a few days, with luck.

Emma Lee


  1. Rest! Sending positive thoughts and healing energy your way.

  2. Another one here sending positive thoughts and healing energy.
    Take care