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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Fun Escape this past Weekend

I was able to travel to Annapolis Royal this past weekend with Jim. A Nova Scotia Guild of Town Criers gathering was being hosted by Peter and Val Davies. They are an awesome couple! Anyway, it was fun but busy to prepare the house and Honey for the trip. I was really, really lucky to find Angela. She came and stayed with Honey while we were away. Angela stayed with Honey, even after a disagreement over a sock. And I know how Honey feels about socks. She's very determined when it comes to socks. Knowing Honey was safe was the only way I could have gone away for the weekend. I drove to Halifax, picked up Jim, and off to Annapolis Royal we went. It was about 5 hours of travelling by the time the dust settled. The first event was Friday night, which was a gathering at Nova Scotia's smallest pub, they say, Ye Olde Town Pub. I did fall off my diet, and enjoyed some fabulous whole fried clams, which I adore! The drive got the best of me early on and sleep was calling, so back to our motel - about 10 minutes out of town, which had the most incredible view out our back patio doors. It was lush and beautiful. I am thinking I would love to go back there when fireflies are busy. It would be incredible. I enjoyed two mornings there, with tea, a bit cold, but listening to the birds was lovely. Saturday was filled with activities for all of the criers and their escorts. I didn't dress as an escort, since I have no hair. I didn't feel it would be appropriate. But I did enjoy that lovely little town. The town was enjoying Paint the Town while we were there, and there were artists set up everywhere. What a great idea. The criers did an invitational cry at the farmer's market (which was unbelievable - lots of treasures to be found), and then we were invited to the historic Hillside House Inn for lunch. Oh my goodness. When we arrived, it was just past noon. The grounds are lovely, again leading down into the marsh, and ripe for exploring. As I trotted along, there was Tom Forrestall, who was working on his contribution to Paint the Town. With him was his grandson and his daughter. Waiting for the others to arrive, I found a rocking chair on the shaded side porch of the Hillside and relaxed. The sky was the most amazing blue. Nay a cloud. Criers gathered, war stories were exchanged, and the Town sent a representative counsellor to welcome us all. The Town hosted a lunch of grilled chicken and strawberry spinach salad, topped with pecans. Dessert was a wonderful fresh blueberry crepe. Yum! We had free time in the afternoon to explore and back to the lighthouse we went, where the Oyster Boys from Annapolis, Maryland were entertaining. Annapolis Royal and Annapolis Maryland share many things, such as musicians and criers! Squire Fred will up in October. I hope to see he and Denise then. We then went to the Legion where the artwork was on display. The evening saw us off to Peter and Val's for a wonderful time of fellowship, laughter and food: salmon, steak, chicken, salads and desserts. Peter and Val live right on the basin. The view is absolutely amazing, and you can literally watch some of the highest tides in the world come and go. We had a wonderful time. Up bright and early on Sunday, so that we could visit farmer's markets throughout the Valley, on the back roads leading home: the freshest of the fresh corn, peaches, swisschar. Guess what? Honey was happy to see us! (I was secretly happy to see her.) Angela did a great job, and unbelievable as it may seem, will come back anytime we need her! Yay!! Honey made a friend.

My camera has not worked since dragon boat weekend. I'll have to have it fixed, because I could have filled it with pictures from the weekend. The weather was great, as was the company and the historic and picturesque Town of Annapolis Royal.

Peace to you all,

Emma Lee

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