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Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Busy Morning, not just for Me!

Okay. So, my CT scan was moved to today. I was able to get the Telebrex yesterday. As directed, I took it at 7:30 a.m. I arrived at the Hospital at the assigned 9:15 a.m. and checked in with Xray. I took my seat in the waiting area. A young technician I had never seen before came out and called my name and in I went. I told him about my "power port". That's when the fun began. After making a couple of calls, I was instructed to head up to the medical day unit (oncology), so that they could "put the line in" for me. Off I went. Unbelievably, they were not busy. The gals tried 3 times to "put the line in", but could not get any blood return. Blood return means its into the vein, and into my system. I have had blood return both times it has been used for chemo. So, in order to be sure it was in, I was sent back to CT where they would have to run some dye in order to see whether it was in. Back to the ground floor, where CT referred me to xray. I waited in xray. Then a lovely gal called my name! Call my name, call my name, while others who had been sitting there when I arrived, glared at me. In I went, and Dr. Hoffman actally stayed in the room and did the procedure to make sure that the line was in. He told me it did give him some resistance. Then back to CT, through a secret short cut I had never seen before. Right in, change, come back out, door to the main area open - prepare to see Frankestein - well Mrs. Frankin anyway - no hair, one boob, I think you get the picture - hide in corner, quick. Into the room, get me settled, figure out the right connection for the line, put me into the machine, then remember I hadn't signed the consent form, back out, signing the form with my hands over my head, back in. Rush of warmth, scan the chest and abdomen. Back out, flip around, scan the head. You're done with CT! Back to medical day on the 4th floor to have the line taken out. Every chair in the chemo clinic is full and there are people waiting to get in. Okay - alright - waiting room here I come. Luckily I have "Edgar Sawtelle" with me and other than being hungry and tired, I can amuse myself til those angels in medical day can see me, hear my story about the port, and take out the line. The gals told me it is not unusual for a port to behave this way. It is better I had it done today. If it would have happened before my next chemo treatment, I would have had to wait, as they can't combine the dye and the chemo. The gals in chemo told me that I could call Dr. MacLean for a verbal on the CT scan. I'll put that in my back pocket and try calling on Monday. I am having my next chemo treatment.

I treated myself to a prepared salad from McDonald's on the way home and was greeted by the best little girl, waiting to have a trit and a trot and a pee. I'm off to see Kathy Roy at Spirit Garden now. Life Energy Balancing.

Peace to you all,

Emma Lee

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