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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Count Down is On

The count down is on for tomorrow's treatment, and I am somewhat excited. I'm wondering what is happening inside, and imagining wonderful, curative things.

Back in April, the firm (Mac, Mac & Mac) gave all staff members gift certificates for a session at Healing Touch. What a wonderful gift, and I get to reap the benefits today - I'm having a foot massage. Thank you Debbie T.

I bet things are getting into full swing for dragon boating this weekend. I have so many reasons to get down there and yell. But I won't yell - I'm going to conserve my energy. I'm praying my treatment will allow me to get down and support my favourite paddlers - MacAttack (Mac, Mac & Mac), which includes Jim and Lee, and the Women Alike and the Women Alike Support Boat, which includes Jim. It's going to be great and the weather looks like it will cooperate. Women Alike will be hosting a luncheon for all visiting breast cancer survivors and I am going to enjoy that! Then there will be the pink carnation ceremony following the breast cancer final. Come down and show your support - you can purchase a carnation, which will be tossed into the East River as a sign of remembrance or support to anyone or any family touched by cancer. I guess there's a seat in the boat for me. I'll have my kleenexes with me.

I've been emotional these past few days and not sure why - but I'm letting myself be emotional. I'm welling up with love I guess for my family. My daughter Mary, as you know, has been so busy with things - she set up this blog and all things associated with it. She's too much like me I think. She has incredible friends. When she let them know what was happening to our family, they have come to her side and her rescue in an amazing way. I would say in a very hopeful way. Her plant a tree idea is so wonderful, and will live on and on. Living hope. Her music idea is also amazing. The young artists of today so willing to support each other, it's just blowing my mind. The spinoff will be my ability to continue to seek ways of beating the beast or slaying the dragon and prolonging our family's quality of life. There is just so much to learn. Maybe I'm emotional because of that. I'm not alone here folks. I'm not the only woman who has received this news recently. Maybe that is why I am so emotional. Please be thankful and grateful for everything you have and your dear loved ones.


Emma Lee

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  1. Just wanted you to know that I am there with you by your side getting this chemo treatment and will be thinking healing thoughts and prayers all day. Love ya girl! :)