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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Night Before the Day Before The Next Treatment

I always have a hard time sleeping as my body and mind start anticipating the upcoming treatment. Such was last night. Even though I had a great day yesterday. A friend treated me to her yard and garden, humming birds, finches, chickadees, kittens, a great dog named Tucker, and a fantastic meal and fellowship. Then I had the most amazing telephone conversation with a naturopath with incredible healing powers. She may end up being responsible for buying me more time. Goodness. Despite all, sleepless. Early morning and the ritual I perform the day before - clean the house to the best of my ability. I'm listening to some dandy music while I clean: Jakki Rogue's newest CD of Maritime Music - which she recorded and produced - all her own arrangements. It is wonderful! Mary Stewart of course. My friend Dale, who lost his Marina to cancer several months ago sent me Lynda Randle Live - a dandy gospel CD, which Dale tells me helped him get through some very difficult times. I can see why. She's rocking it. I would love to sing some of those songs. Her version of His Eye is on the Sparrow makes me cry. Martyn Joseph. I know, sounds like I have a big house - I don't. I just have to stop and dance every now and then, and catch my breath, have some juice, and warm lemon water and call my Jim. I'm getting emotional. Time to say adieu for a while. I'm going to walk out to Mac3 and the East River Wellness Centre. Mac3 is having their summer gathering this weekend - tidal bore rafting. Think I'll pass this year.

Peace to you all this day. If you get the chance to forgive someone today, do it. Don't forget to forgive yourself.

Emma Lee

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