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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A busy Weekend, a busy Week ahead

Well, what a week/end. I really enjoyed a full household. My whole family together. Lee's gal Tessa was here. The phone was ringing with good wishes. My hair was falling out. An incredible flower arrangement arrived, which is enjoying a place on my dining room table. A fabulous bag of hats, scarves, a card and book that will give me so much pleasure was outside my back door. Janet arrived with a fabulous veggie lasagna (and all the fixin's, including blueberry cake!!), the sun was shining, the tunes were floating up the street on Friday and Saturday nights and it was so fabulous to sit by the pool and enjoy our little town, alive with the promise of music. But Sunday night was the best. Mary and her band took the stage as the first performer of the night. Blue Rodeo was headlining. To be able to walk two blocks to the riverbank and Glasgow Square was pretty thrilling. I recalled the "old" days. Before Glasgow Square. When we worked and laughed and cried and bled to make it an enjoyable weekend - a celebration - a reward for this community. I recall standing there watching the crowds arrive, amazed at this Jubilee. So many Jubilee moments to recall. As I sat there the thought occurred to me that we haven't done such a bad job, have we? On so many levels. I ended up sitting with great friends Lynn and Linda, Jim, Lee and Tessa, Janet and a bunch of Mary's friends who came to support her. There was a really great crowd, probably the biggest crowd yet she's played for. (There are pics on facebook.) She did a fabulous job. One of my favourite lines was "buy a CD, feed a cat for a month". Good one. She even dedicated a song to Jim and I about how she will make a great wife. (I think she was kidding!) One of her songs a day was a request to marry Jim Cuddy, but I think he's taken already. Her last song was #37 - and it's a dandy!!!! She's in the process of trying to narrow down which songs should make her next album. Please visit marystewartmusic.com - I believe it should take you to her song a day blog. Or search her name and song a day. The crowd did get pretty crazy, however, as the anticipation rose for BR's appearance. Mark, Mary's bass player, loaned me his back stage pass and I was able to take a reprieve from the madness. The youngsters in the crowd were starting to rush the stage in advance of BR's appearance. I was able to sit in the green room and enjoy the live feed (video and audio) backstage. That also allowed me to catch up with so many folks I haven't seen for a while - and who will keep the prayers and positive vibes happening - maybe even some music - yes, fun, fun, fun. Sunday afternoon in Carmichael Park was really enjoyable - the weather could not have cooperated more - well I could go on and on. You can tell, I had a blast.

As I sit here this morning, quiet is descending inside my home, but not outside. Major roadway/sewer work has now reached the intersection outside my little cottage on Temperance Street and back-up music/dump truck sound is greeting the day and I mean greeting the day. Good thing I don't like to sleep in. These guys are just like me - up with the birds. Oh well, I don't much mind. You know I learned from Doris Mason years ago when I visited her in New York, that we can pretty well make music out of anything. So that's what my imagination is doing - making music out of it.

Lloyd dropped off an SATB/organ version of Before the Marvel of this Night (Carl Schalk). My next goal is to put together a choir to interpret this song. It is a marvelous song and arrangement:

Before the marvel of this night
Adoring, fold your wings and bow
Then tear the sky apart with light
And with your news the world endow
Proclaim the birth of Christ and peace
That fear and death and sorrow cease
Sing peace, sing peace, sing gift of peace
Sing peace, sing gift of peace

Awake the sleeping world with song
This is the day the Lord has made
Assemble here celestial throng
In royal slendour come arrayed
Give earth a glimpse of heav'nly bliss
A teasing taste of what they miss
Sing bliss, sing bliss, since endless bliss
Sing bliss, sing endless bliss!

The love that we have always known
Our constant joy and endless light
Now to the loveless world be shown
Now break upon its deathly night
Into one song compress the love
That rules our universe above
Sing love, sing love, sing God is love
Sing love, sing God is love!

(I can't wait. If you want to sing with me, get in touch! Sopranos an easy F, Tenors an easy F, Basses - a wonderful low F, but the Altos have the best line of all!)

If all is well, next treatment Friday, August 6th - the same day as the Dragon Boat Festival starts. MacAttack had their first practise session last night. Women Alike will be out tonight and Thursday night. I am sooooo hopeful I will get down to the East River to enjoy this fabulous festival too. Go MacAttack. We are blessed.

Sing Peace, Sing Bliss, Sing Love

Emma Lee


  1. Have a couple of people including me who are really interested in singing in your choir for above song.
    Two of us are alto, one very good soprano. How do we get in touch with you?

  2. Emma Lee, I would love to lend my alto voice - mi mi mi mi - to your choir. I'm one of the above-mentioned by Darsie.

    We'll have you in our thoughts and prayers Saturday as we Race On The River. Blessings on your own journey.

    Paddles up!
    Paula Millman (Causeway Cruisers)

  3. Hey you guys - my email is emmalee@eastlink.ca. Please send me a note!!!! Good luck on Saturday - have a great race(s)!

  4. We'll both be paddling! Note on its way!