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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Musings on this Morning's Trit Trots - Feeling Yes

I slept in today! Opened my eyes at 6:20 a.m.! Honey was singing from her kennel. We made quick work of our first trit trot, came back in, had breakfast and then out for our second, which I allowed to be a sniffing walk. What a gorgeous morning. It was so quiet when we were out, and now that the sun is rising later, the color of the sky and trees, houses and buildings, held the most incredible warmth. I let Honey sniff as much as she wanted: she's so close to the ground, she loves to sniff and apparently there are lots of calling cards around. While she sniffed, I allowed the sun to beat down on my hat/scarf/coat, which are now required. Albert Street was amazing. As we slowly made our way along I imagined the junior high in a few days from now, buzzing with excitement as the kids get ready to go back to school. It is now approaching 4 months since life changed.

Going down Forbes Street has become kind of comical really. There are two lovely cats who hang out at a little grey house, I think they live there. They have been ambushing Honey the past couple of weeks and I saw them take their positions this morning. I didn't warn the sniffer as she was lazily sniffing along, and she almost jumped out of her skin. It was hilarious. I must look like a mad woman laughing out loud at my dog's antics.

Just around the corner from the grey cat house there is a lovely cul-de-sac and the way the sun was shining on a particular yellow house just made me stop. I promised myself that I would be able to recall that scene, including the feeling of the heat on my back, for the rest of this day.

The way that street looked, drenched in the morning sun, reminded me of how a "yes" should feel. That's one of the exercises I have been working on. Seems I have had my yes and no reversed for a while. I'm buying into that. I have. Through discovery, I have learned how a yes, for every decision I have to make, should feel. When it feels like a celebration, a wonderful, affirming celebration it is a yes. Today, I challenge you to feel your yes, and your no. I pray your answers are clear.

I had a big yes moment yesterday, when Suzanne from Indiana called. She is a volunteer with the Metastatic Breast Cancer organization in America. I have found no such group in Canada, and certainly not in Atlantic Canada. I have applied for assistance to attend the MBC conference in October in Indianapolis. We had the most affirming conversation. I was formerly a breast cancer survivor. I am now living with cancer. Fingers and toes crossed. If it is meant to be, it shall be. There is the potential for a wealth of life-saving information there.

Have a wonderful day. Peace, Emma Lee

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  1. I wish I had been with you on that walk, it sounds wonderful and I would have loved to see those cats pounce on Honey!
    I get the Yes, I know that feeling. I certainly haven't always, I'm just learning and need to work at it but yeah I do know that right feeling and it's great. :)
    Thanks for sharing Em!
    gentle hugs