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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Second Chemo Done, Coping Strategies, Wedding Bliss, People To Miss

Well, got through another one. Actually met with Dr. Samantha Gray yesterday at the oncology clinic at the Aberdeen Hospital. My next treatment, if all is well, will be on the 27th and then the next CT scan will occur so that we can see what's what. I had my "list" of complaints and questions with me and after we reviewed them, Dr. Gray gave me a couple of good strategies for dealing with some of the side effects. I met with Alice too. She "triaged" me before my meeting with Dr. Gray. I cannot believe the quality of the staff at the clinic. And the volunteers are amazing too. I arrived a bit early yesterday and was able to chat with a couple of other gals going through similar adventures. There was quite a gang at the clinic yesterday. It is eye opening.

Both volunteers yesterday were from the Dragon Boat team. We were laughing about the "beaching" of the boat and in fact, I was presented with a "cartoon" drawn by Philip that is hilarious, showing the boat, the beaching, and the couragous gals who actually got out, stood in the East River, and tried to free us. The local fire department rescue boat couldn't even accomplish that. It took the Stevensons, Joel and Crystal to come out and rescue us at the end of the day! I'm going to frame that picture and put it with my other dragon boat memorabilia.

I'm into my 10th to 14th days again and so am taking it easy. Thank you folks for your emails and cards. I'm having lots of laughs and tears. Also, thanks for the books that are being dropped off. I'm learning a lot, and enjoying some great fiction as well. With the help of Kate, I may even get a room set-up for meditation purposes.

This lunch time I am meeting with someone who may be able to help out with Honey! Can't wait. I hope Honey behaves herself.

This past weekend Jim and I attended Leslie 2's wedding to Trevor. What a fabulous day. The weather could not have been better and the bride was a picture of loveliness. Leslie's sister Lisa sang a couple of songs, the second of which was Ave Marie. She did a bang-up job. Between wedding and reception, Leslie 1 invited us to her home. Do you know that her little darling was in that church the whole time and didn't make a sound. Reid is his name and he is a darling. Reid had a good time socializing. So did I! What fun I had, even getting a couple of dances in before coming home. It was a great gathering and so wonderful to get Mac staff together for a happy occasion. On Sunday I was lucky enough to join Lloyd's music team at Trinity for contemporary worship. I also got to work on the actual service with Marie. The theme was "Restore Us". I think I'm sort of calling that out right now. The music was great. I had a blast. Later that day, Lynn and Linda arrived with some more grub and we had a wonderful dinner.

It was a great weekend. Honey was very happy because both of her guys were home. She's looking at the door again. Every now and then she lifts her head, cocks her ears and trots out to have a look. She'll have to wait a bit longer yet. I think she does get a bit tired of hearing my songs though, the latest of which is "A Tritter and a Trot and a Trot and a Tritter (With You)", supplemented by the occasional "Hang On Honey, Honey Hang On!" If I had a Mac, I'd be doing a song a day too, directed to my cat and dog!

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Exhale quietly. You are loved. Deep Peace to you all.

Emma Lee

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