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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting back to the old new me, or should that be the new old me?

I think I've made it through! Yay!! Is it a coincidence that the sun is also shining today?

Honey and I had a great brisk walk this morning,around the same time as the construction workers were arriving to start their noise. It was so lovely out there. The air is definitely cooler though. I love it. I think Honey likes it too. She had quite a strut on throughout. We stayed out for a while.

I cannot believe it is Thursday already. So much has happened since I last posted, besides the balance of my hair screaming to leave me.

Suzie Vinick was in town to play a house concert and I was secretly hoping I could go. She called me to check in that night. I could not have sat through that concert. But she's doing great. One of the great women of folk in our country. I bet it was a dandy night.

Lynn and Linda arrived with some fabulous grub.

Jakki checked in several times this week. Lee is away, and so Honey and I are holding down the fort. Jakki's also a great woman of folk.

Dragon Boat weekend was wonderful. I had a blast on Saturday. Highlights - seeing everybody; being able to be part of the "visioned" race - which we won; cheering for MacAttack; cheering for Women Alike and Boat 2; having lunch with the "survivors" - reconnecting; dancing on stage while Fleur was rocking it (another great woman of music); being able to head down to get the boat and paddle it up and wait for the final race - WHICH WOMEN ALIKE WON;being part of the pink carnation ceremony; getting beached in the East River for at least 15 minutes and howling with laughter at the way life works.

I also had a visit from Ruth, such a kind and loving heart. She remains in my thoughts.

More later, peace to all of you. If you are reading this post, you are in my prayers. Connect with your heart. What is it telling you today?

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