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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Healing Treasures

When I finished my last post, I was off to see Kathy Roy at Spirit Garden for a Life Energy Balancing Session. I am findng Kathy to be amazing and intuitive. I have been doing a lot of reading and wanted to share many questions with her. Luckily for me, she had lots of answers and information. (I have mentioned the many helpful books that have been recommended and dropped off to me. If I started reading now, it would be months before I could finish them all! I'm enjoying this opportunity so much. You know when you are working full time and filling your off time with volunteering activities, the time to read is really hard to find.) Anyway, it turns out that the Life Energy Balancing that Kathy practices does refer in many ways to the Chakra Clearing (awakening your spiritual power to know and heal)that I have been practising. My friend Katie MacDonald has loaned me a spare massage table and I have it set up in my upstairs backroom, along with a CD player and it is amazing to go up there and listen to these incredible meditative, healing CDs. Yesterday was once such experience. My cat Boobadee jumped up next to my head, purring, she groomed and settled down for the 15 minute meditation time. It was purrfect for both her and me! Another practice that Kathy is familiar with is QiGong Healing - she is close to completing another level of that practice. I am so lucky that she will be able to show me the exercises I have been trying to do from reading the book and looking at the pictures. Fleur gave me the book BALANCE by Susan Manion MacDonald, which details Susan's journey to recapture her health after a stage 4 diagnosis with lympathic cancer. Susan's course was a complete detoxificaion and nutritional support program. This was also confirmed when my musical friend Murray got me in touch with his cousin who did a similar program and guess what, he's still around. So, I had questions on all of those things, and Kathy helped me develop a diet to support a healthy pH Balance, including spirulina. A juicer purchased years ago as a present, which has been gathering dust, has been revived and is making the most delicious apple/carrot/ginger juice you can imagine. Every other night, my liver is being treated to a castor oil pack for 15 minutes, using cold pressed and hexane free castor oil on plain white flannel, and a hot water bottle. Another exercise Kathy has given me allows me to acknowledge any fear/resentment that pops into my musings using "Hoʻoponopono (ho-o-pono-pono)". Wikipedia describes it as an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. Traditionally hoʻoponopono is practiced by healing priests or kahuna lapaʻau among family members of a person who is physically ill. Jakki, early on in this journey, gave me a book/CD called healing cancer from the inside out. I've got the courage now to really get into that book. I'm listening to my heart, and letting it lead me where it wants. I'm learning not to push, which is difficult for a gal like me. My last session with Kathy was pretty powerful, when my heart told me, as it was pulsing through and around my liver, that "it knows what to do". Tears.

I know that I could be calling Dr. MacLean and bothering him about my CT scan results. I've decided not to. I'm going for my treatment on Friday and if they need me to know anything, they will call, believe me. Meredith (dragon boat captain, lab technician at the Hospital) will come here at 8:40 to collect my blood. There shouldn't be any problems. I finished all the antibiotics I had to take for the UTI that occurred 10 days ago and it's gone. I'm tired, but that's t be expected. Lynn is driving me out and picking me up. I'll have a fictional book with me to pass the time - but it's always quite entertaining there. You wouldn't believe that in the midst of full chemo chairs and rooms, the nurses keep it light, funny, yet incredibly professional. They are angels. So are the volunteers who keep me hydrated with water. So, onwards and upwards. My third eye is seeing my future - dancing, smiling and laughing with a grandchild.

Be kind to yourselves and appreciate all that you have.

Peace, Emma Lee

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