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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Hammock Got The Better Of Me!

The hammock got the better of me. There it is - perched in the "back 40", and this afternoon I could not resist. It was an awesome couple of hours.

This morning I had a fabulous conversation with a dear friend. He reminded me of the energy of love that has been surrounding me and my family throughout this journey. Oh, don't get me wrong, I am everyday reminded of it. But, as I think you have gathered, I'm not feeling well, and when I'm not feeling well, it's hard for me to focus. Really, really hard. It is something that I am trying to come to terms with. In the dark of night, I call upon all of the energy that is surrounding me to become a part of me, to fill me and take away all negative energy. I cry for that to happen. So today, I'm crying for all of the positive to fill me. And that positive is love. That's what happened in the hammock in the back 40.

As I was laying under my trusty old maple tree, with the sun shining through at just the right angle to see a spider's web in all its glory, and to watch the sun dance on the leaves of that tree, like drops of sunshine really, silently raining down on me, I felt love filling me up. I was taken away somewhere, and for a couple of hours, I felt fabulous. Love. Can you pull it up? Can you imagine it? The love that fills this universe? The energy of love that fills this universe? There were children happily playing and a dog barking (in the distance), and the world seemed just right for a good long while. Now that is a memory I am going to replay, over and over again, and hope that tomorrow it will happen all over again.

Peace to you all. Get out there and experience the love in this universe. Open your hearts and minds and pull it all in: accept it, it's there for us, for all of us.

Emma Lee


  1. This is a beautiful post. I've come across your blog through BCANS and just wanted to leave a note to say I too am taking in the beauty of Nova Scotia today. I was diagnosed last feb stage 3b grade 3 triple negative BC. I was 3 1/2 months pregnant at the time with my 1st. It's a year later and mets confirmed with treatments ongoing. Life has put some major challenges in front of us but I think in some ways it makes me appreciate the beauty of the world more than ever. Friends and family time, the smell of flowers on a hot summer day...the things that make life worth living. Congrats to you on the fundraising you're a part of while still dealing with this damn disease. Stay strong and keep writing. I appreciate the blog and will continue to follow. X Cara