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Monday, July 11, 2011

Mama's Fish Houe, Paua, Maui, Hawaii

The above pics were taken on Sunday, July 3rd, 2011. Mama's Fish House came highly recommended to us by David and Joan and I think I mentioned that before. My friend Janet also urged me to make sure Mama's was one place we didn't miss while in Maui, and so we didn't.

There was a great deal of confusion between the two of us about how to get there as Mama's is "on the road to Hana", which either provokes fear and dread, or awe and wonder, and for some reason we thought Mama's was on the other side of Hana. Many, many people urged us not to try to do the two on the same day. In any event, we were finally given a really good map by a time share salesperson (ha!) which alleviated all of our confusion. Poor fellow - he probably hasn't heard my story before! How to clear a room. In any event, we also found a listing for Mama's which noted it as the best restaurant in the world. So . . . we were really looking forward.

We had reservations for 11:30 a.m. but we set off early anyway. It was another amazingly beautiful day. As it was the July long weekend, there were lots of families camping at bountiful beaches along the way. All beaches in Hawaii are public. We were early, and so did drive a goodly enough portion of the "road to Hana" before stopping to admire some surfers and then turn around to go back to Mama's.

What an experience. A true Maui experience. The friendliness of the staff. The freshness and quality of the food. The atmosphere of the restaurant. It was all simply amazing. Thanks David and Joan! It certainly lived up to everything we had heard about Mama's Fish House. It was the best meal I have ever enjoyed and I mean enjoyed. There was just something different about how the people and the food were honored.

The bags have arrived at 170 Temperance Street!

I'm hoping that tomorrow when I wake up I'll be feeling better. CT scan today will be reviewed with me on Thursday. If drug company approval comes through, new chemo to start on Friday. Side effects described are eerily similar to how I am currently feeling.

I keep thinking of quality of life. I had some great quality of life in Maui! Thank you everyone for making that possible. I pray you are truly enjoying and honoring your quality of life. I pray for that.

Peace today and always,

Emma Lee

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