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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just Call Me The Girl Who Can No Longer Make Commitments

As Mary said, some interesting updates to my blog.

I'm sitting here in our fabulous palliative care unit at the Aberdeen Hospital. Jim is headed for the airport where I am making him take in Sir Paul's concert tonight in Montreal. We purchased this trip out of funds raised at Emma's Excursion of Hope - we split the monies into two portions: one to pay for our Maui trip and the other to pay for us to go to Montreal to see Sir Paul McCartney. I enjoyed the Maui trip. I would not enjoy the McCartney trip and it is against my doctor's advice that I would even consider going. I know that I could not do it. I am very weak. It would simply be wrong.

I'm back on steroids. The headaches have eased. The nausea has eased. One other area is holding us up and we are working on it. I will be here until that has settled down. Dr. Farrell wants me to feel well again. I want to feel well again. Traveling to McCartney and the excitement and not getting back til tomorrow night, while good for my soul potentially, would not be good for my old body. So here I sit.

Last night went wonderfully. That's what I hear. As the title to this blog says, I am now the girl who can no longer make commitments - of any kind. A full report and update shall follow, however, about last night.

There could be a much longer blog coming regarding my experience this past weekend. I'm not sure yet. I would caution folks to stay away from the ER on the weekends unless you are losing a limb. On Saturday everything got the best of me. I felt the worst I have ever felt in my life. My temperature was rising. I could not eat or drink. The pain in my side was atrocious. I knew I had to get help. I came to the ER at 3:30 or so. I stayed in the ER until a bed was found in the maternity ward on Sunday night and then on Monday when Jim arrived I sent him to find Joanne Cumminger, cancer patient navigator. It was not too much longer before Dr. Farrell was walking into my room, and putting me next on the list for a bed in the palliative ward, telling me he was going to make me feel well again (from me - and hopefully erase the experience I had just come through). Dr. MacLean has also been by twice to see me. My level of comfort has been boosted. Oh, I have to mention Dr. Colin Sutton, who on Sunday just happened to see Jim leaving the hospital and inquired about me and off he went and I just know that he touched something off (the maternity ward placement - the fact that I am involved with palliative care?) as well.

Poor Jack Layton. When he had his operation last year I knew in my mind he had developed metastatic prostate cancer. I just knew it. He looks dreadful. No one has used that term metastatic prostate cancer, calling it a new cancer instead (hmm); perhaps because he's a famous politician. There's no cure for metastatic disease, but potential cures for new cancers.

I keep saying this phrase - listen up - but "quality of life" is what it is all about. Quality of life people.

I have to be honest. I'm trying not to cry and think about Jim and Sir Paul. These seats allow us to go to the sound check and a meet and greet. Jim had been working on me getting to meet Paul. We never did get a satisfactory resolution to that. Jim says it would be easier to meet the Queen. I said it would be easier if I were 7 years old.

The Reason for Hope CD will be released in Pictou County during the Dragon Boat festival. It will be for sale on the Race site - Friday night in the Race merch tent and on race day in the lost and found area/carnation purchase area, etc. I have a team that will also be selling - Janet Ervin and Liz Van den Eynden will have product in advance and if you see them coming, pull out your wallet! We have a minimum number of CDs that have to be purchased and listened to here in Pictou County. These songs have to let their energy into our Pictou County air! It's a fabulous project: If I may, track 15 first! My daughter put together a wonderful project!!! Thanks to Tammy too for all her hard work.

Peace to you today. I hope to be home before week's end.

Emma Lee

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