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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's a beautiful morning. I haven't heard the weather and am not going to make a point of listening. I'm just enjoying it right now. The pool is filling. The breeze is awesome and cool and I'm quite content. I'm working as hard as I can to push back these feelings of unwellness. It's been 4 days since I started Xeloda. The nausea is indescribable. I'm going to give it until Friday before I check in with the gals at Chemo. I'm thinking I just have to get used to the rhythm of taking these pills. The nausea pill I have has to be taken 1/2 hour before meals and the Xeloda has to be taken with food. Four tablets in the morning and three tables in the evening. I don't like to have snacks before bed, but I am now.

What a good time I had on Saturday. Besides lots of friends and a beautiful location, Auntie Liz had Honey there. I'm posting a picture. She's a darling little thing. I miss her so much.

The cats and I are having a stand-off. I can't tolerate them. Something radical has changed inside me. I cannot tolerate them. Puff is a wonderful male cat. He's fixed. He loves to play. He spends a lot of time playing and he also is quite vocal, expressing himself in little "chirtles" I will call them. He is about 2 years old, white and lovely. I'll post a picture of his little face. Boobadee is not doing well. She had been, but she's not eating and spitting out her pills and generally not doing well. We will be taking her to the Vet. Puff is Mary's cat but she's in no position to have another cat in Toronto.

Anyway, back to business here. Jim is home today, then working in Halifax for the balance of the week. CD release is fast approaching. I did an interview with the Coast yesterday by telephone. It went well. Spread the word. I hope we have a crowd. The evening is going to be spectacular!

So today, I will finish my book in Lloyd and Gwen's hammock - I'm hopeful they haven't forgotten they have left it here for my use. Jim will be in the pool tonight, I have the feeling. It is great to get the house back to some sort of organization. Pray for Boobadee. She's been the greatest little cat. She adopted us. She's been the source of much inspiration, but her time has come. Pray that Puff finds a good home. He's a dandy little cat, and will be a loyal guy to a caring family.

Peace to you all today,

Emma Lee

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