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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random Thoughts

As I was sending an email to my nephew yesterday, describing the nub of an idea for a story, I realized again what an inspiration Honey was for me. Our early morning walks were a real source; when the world was quiet and we set out in all kinds of weather, blazing our trail through the new day. She's been on my mind a lot recently and I don't know why. I must get to see her.

So then I started wondering now where does my inspiration come from? Certainly not from these two cats that had the run of the house for 10 days. Gosh. Although we had Karen here, twice a day for that entire duration, Puff seems to think that he is indeed the ruler of this place. Boobadee and he do not, in any way, shape or form, get along. But Boobadee is again holding her own, now that her thyroid problems are under control with medication. Puff is a real bully sometimes, but on the other hand, I have to laugh at him. He loves to play and run from end to end of the house, chasing the 3 little toys he has, or a bottle top. Yesterday I found a large marble and let that go to see what happened and indeed, it is now a favourite. The wonderful thing is neither of them any longer come upstairs to wake me up, instead waiting quietly downstairs. That is really nice. Thanks. I slept in this morning.

Lee is coming home today and is traveling with friends to the Metallica concert tomorrow in Halifax. We heard lots of Metallica when Lee was growing up. This is the second time he has seen the band.

The Carlton plans are coming along nicely for the 25th. I will post a separate blog on that, with all the details. A really nice silent auction has been set-up as well as Lennie Gallant, David Myles, Rose Cousins, Ruth Minikin and others for the songwriters circle. I'll probably post a facebook event for it as well.

Drug company funding has been approved. Friday. New chemo will start.

Going to try and gather up the cat hair and dust today. My next project is to declutter my little cottage on Temperance Street. I will rest as needed. I'm into The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest and am putting together a short set for Thursday morning (20 minutes or so) at the Carmichael Stewart House Museum. Anna and Holly are hosting music and other activities on the front porch each Thursday this summer! Wonderful ideas, a hop, skip and jump from my front door.

I haven't figured out how to edit after posting. Sorry. Forgive me.

Aileen dropped off some more granola last night. Thanks Aileen!

Alright. Find something wonderful to occupy your mind for a while today. Something you love and find complete and utter joy in. After you're finished, you can either share it with those you love, or keep it to yourself. Either way it's a present - it's a treasure.

Peace to you all,

Emma Lee

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