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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday In Nova Scotia!

My goodness the weather. Is it really July 16th? Anyway, we shall survive.

Aileen has asked me out to her place today, and I guess there will be some others joining us as well. I can't wait! Jim is coming along too. Aileen's cottage is close to the beach where he grew up so he can stroll and check out the changes and perhaps run into old friends he hasn't seen in a while.

At 8:20 a.m. this morning I had the courage to start my next chemo, Xeloda. I take 4, 500 mg pills in the morning and 3, 500 mg pills in the evening. There is also a new anti nausea drug, that I misunderstood. I was supposed to take it a-half hour before I ate, and then take the Xeloda, but whatever. I'll get it into me at some point, and that mistake will not happen again. Reading the side effects on both has me pretty freaked out though. But, as Lee said last night, they have to list the side-effects but a very small minority of people actually end up experiencing them. Dr. Farrell told me yesterday that within 10 days is when the side-effects will occur, if they are going to occur. So, we shall see. I am praying the new anti nausea is really good, cause I am severely nauseated, without Xeloda! Yikes. Hopefully this Xeloda will manage things for a while.

Liz may have Honey for a drive this afternoon, and she just might pass by Aileen's! I really, really hope so.

I have another trip planned. I've been pretty quiet about this one. But here goes: At the same time we planned our trip to Maui, we learned that Paul McCartney is touring again. So on the day after the CD release in Halifax, we will fly Porter Airlines to Montreal. We have seats in the 3rd row from the front and will see McCartney at the Bell Centre in Montreal. We bought the tickets that allow us into the sound check and into a meet and greet, but there's really no guarantee that McCartney will show up or that we will get to meet him. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Jim's working on it. So that Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be very busy days for me. I'll be needing some rest after that and that of course is the 10th day since starting Xeloda! I'm a sight to see anyway. Let's hope I don't get the rash and the hand and feet problems for that night.

I see the gals at chemo and Dr. Farrell again on the 5th. In the meantime, if any problems occur, they are there for me.

Alright, enjoy this summer day, even if it doesn't feel like a summer day. This is our life and our time. So get out there and enjoy it.


Emma Lee

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