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Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

The sound of the surf and the trade winds never stop and I'm not complaining. Our room is feet from the Pacific Ocean as you have seen from the shots I've posted. The first night in, I awoke with a start and I thought that the glass lanai door was open, and that we were sleeping with just the screen door closed. That thought so comforted me I immediately fell back to sleep. When I got up, I realized that both doors were closed. That is how beautiful the sound of the surf and trade winds are. It is absolutely amazing.

Ive been longing for a place like this.

It may be July 1st as I type and if so, Happy Canada Day. We have met a family of Stewarts from Edmonton and in fact enjoyed a Luau with them the other night.

Do you know how early people get up here? The world starts very early in Maui. Another reason I really like this place. I like to start early too, even without Honey by my side, waking up with the birds.

I have missed writing my blogs though. Writing has become a life line for me. We aren't able to connect with the internet in our room and so to the lobby I must go. Early, very early. Another sight to see! I am facing the most incredible mountain range - what a variety of topography, and colors, and smells, and sounds. If I had grandchildren, I would make sure they could swim like dolphins and when I could afford it, take them to Hawaii. The children here are having a ball snorkeling and playing in the ocean. We are too! Still children at heart. My favorite is just finding a great place to sit and being rocked by the waves, which are not surfable in the area that I have found. It is gentle and allows Jim to have great swims and me to swim, rest, be rocked and rest and swim. Lots of sunscreen, don't worry.

We're going to enjoy a sunset cruise this evening. That is the extent of my action/adventure in Hawaii - that and swimming. I've also been able to sleep. Hallelujah! Cause I am one tired puppy!

I have to mention how black the night gets, soon after sunset. It is amazing. And then - THE STARS! Star gazers would love these constellations. I have never seen the night sky look like this and can't remember when I have actually turned my gaze upwards to look at the stars - maybe last summer? Crazy I know. But the stars here are absolutely amazing. I have tried to catch it with my camera, but it simply doesn't work well enough.

Peace to you all. Enjoy your long weekend.

Emma Lee

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