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Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Few Things About Yesterday

Yesterday was a busy day.

In the morning, Murray dropped by with a CD of some tunes that he's currently listening to, and a strawberry rhubarb pie! He also had his Pictou County made Whitaker Guitar and we played a couple of bluegrass numbers together, which he sang, and it was awesome. He was on his way to see Everett, my number one drummer, to have lunch. My memories turn back to our original Holy Potion days at Trinity and it is wonderful to have friends like this.

Next, Lee arrived home. Yay.

A bit later, Jim Shaffner called to say he found his air conditioner in storage and he wondered whether I might like it as I had borrowed it last year. Bring it on. So I have an air conditioner in the living room and in my bedroom, ensuring comfortability. Now, will the weather ever arrive?

Lee and I had a good visit, reviewing the pictures from Hawaii. He loves his new Hawaiian shirt and I hope Tessa will like her gift too! Lee displayed his talent at painting one of the pictures from Hawaii that Jim and I had taken. At Whaler's Village, we found one of those little photo booths. I haven't had a picture taken in one of those since I was a kid. We jumped in to have a photo taken. It took several tries and was very confusing for us old folks. Anyway, we finally had one we thought, as our time was up (I don't remember time limits), but anyway Jim had a very "evil" look on his face and I will never be sharing this picture! Lee and I had a great laugh and then Lee added some more details. I'll leave it at that but it is funny.

Then Lee and I ordered a pizza for supper which was absolutely delicious, and in fact, I felt almost like my appetite was coming back!!!

The final event of the day was one that Jim urged me to go to. He came home from Halifax to do a "cry" at a Communities in Bloom event that the Town was holding at Glasgow Square. He told me I had to go. I was confused, and not sure why I had to go to a Communities in Bloom event, but got ready anyway and we arrived at the Square around 8. It was a lovely presentation and the National reps from CIB were there. Then there were the awards. To our shock and surprise, the Town of New Glasgow and CIB presented us the "2011 Flourish & Thrive Award". Kim Dickson, in her remarks, noted how events that we have touched have gone on to make New Glasgow flourish and thrive. We are both very touched, honoured and proud of this award. Very, very lovely on the part of the Town. We will continue to pray that New Glasgow Flourish!

Then home and the end of a very busy day!

This morning started with a set on the Museum doorsteps. I had a good time and there was a lovely crowd - and we even joked about forming the Carmichael-Stewart House Chorale!

I was so cold by the time I got home I made macaroni and cheese and again I am hoping that my appetite is coming back, since I had the craving for this comfort food.

Anyway, find some comforts today that give you pleasure. I'm going to continue reading my book and I have a snugly prayer shawl to keep me warm. Lee is off to see Metallica and Jim found a place to stay in Halifax tonight. Tonight, the cats and I will hold down the fort here at home and, best of all, I hear my pool may be fixed this weekend!

Peace to you all,

Emma Lee

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