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Monday, September 19, 2011

Interment, O'Leary

Good Morning,

Just wanted to let you know that the adventure continues.

Last Friday we gathered with friends and family at HeatherDale Cemetery for the interment service. Jim Webber Cook was there by our side as friends came together for a final goodbye. Shortly after we had a small gathering at the house for some good food, conversation, and a little bit of music.

Saturday, we set sail for O'Leary, PEI- on the busiest, rockiest boat! It was incredible. The wind had cancelled the 8am boat, so it was lucky we got on at all (3rd last car on the boat!). We made the drive to the west end of the island with a short stop in Clinton to pick up Tessa.

Upon arrival we were greeted by my Great Aunt Merna, who was married to my Great Uncle Claude. She welcomed us into my cousin Joanne's cottage at West Point. What a beautiful cottage!! It had a 180 view surrounding it. David and I got to watch the sun sink into the water. Tessa took some photo's of the scenery so we will post a picture of the sunset for my mother in the coming days. No one saw sunsets like she did. We sat around the campfire and played Great Uncle Claud's guitar with Merna and her son Josh before calling it a night.

Sunday we set sail on "The Knotty Lady" with : Great Aunt Merna, Great Aunt Shirley, Cousins: Click, Brenda, Joyce, Faye. Friends Paul Wood and Treena. Paul recently lost his wife to cancer so we were honoured he joined us on this voyage. We departed from West Point harbour and sailing out to the light house where we stopped the boat and told stories about my mother, we then symbolically scattered her ashes into the straight. We took a moment before everyone tossed pink carnations into the water. Paul and Merna then tossed 2 carnations in for Paul's late wife. On the way back to the docks, we formed a ribbon in the water in honour of Emma Lee and The Reason For Hope.

After the outing we gathered back at Great Aunt Merna's with family to enjoy some hot coffee, sandwiches and sweets on the Glenwood Pond.

A long drive back to New Glasgow with a short stop to drop Tessa off; she is moving to France tomorrow for a few months!

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