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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday, September 4th.

"Sunday - September 4th , 2011

I'm counting on you guys to tell me when I become trite. My footprint on the world is becoming smaller, and I respect you too much to take up your valuable time. When I look out the backyard all of the green tomato's we've harvested will soon be red I hope. Maybe Mary and Jim can make some tomato paste, I don't know if that is inspiring to you. But it is to me. That's a part of the light.

No Fears- Jim will have a birthday! Mary stayed with us last night and she is awesome. She can stay downstairs. Too much, I know but she is young and ready for it. Pulse alright. All this done for the day. Shawn dropped by. Not sleeping as well as I should be.

Here's what happened yesterday ( Details are sketchy..)
Murray came by with a pie.
Brother Lorne and his wife Mary came by,
Brother John and his wife Mary came by.
Mary and Tessa are back here.
David and Lee are both here.

VON dropped by, almost couldn't get my blood pressure.
Jim Webber Cooke dropped by.
Heather MacLean dropped by with bread.
Lloyd and Gwen dropped by with fresh vegetables.
Ross and Eileen dropped by with homemade chowder and soda bread.

What can I say about the outpouring? It is most overwhelming. My heart is full of love. I never believed I would be in such need. But here I am.

Love and peace to you all today.

Emma Lee

- PS: Mary is now responsible of the blog. Between dictation and my hand writing she is translating my words to the blog. "

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  1. Love and Peace to you always EmmaLee. I think of your journey often, and you are always in my thoughts and prayers...you have inspired me, as I've said...."never to take the small things for granted"....for that I thank you. I play my CD daily, and my 20 year old daughter now loves listening to it, and is most inspired by your daughter's song (maybe she can relate to it? LOL)...and yours...she says you sound like Sarah MacLaughlin,one of her favourite singers....take care...and I will be back checking for updates.
    In peace