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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Fun Continues!

I had a big day yesterday. Jane and I found a wig. First thing yesterday morning, off to the Cat's Meow, outside of Westville. What a great little shop. Previously loved apparel, wigs, salon/spa and unbelievable costumes! We had fun. I tried on a lot of wigs. We finally found one. I love the color. We even took over the hair salon, and Jane gave my wig a cut. I'm calling her Suzie. I'm pleased. I now have a new look. Soon, and very soon, I will have someone take a shot of me, sans hair, and with my new wig. I will post them if I am able.

Then, off to the oncology clinic. It was a very positive meeting. We are all on the same page. Things are going well. My tumour markers continue to fall. The first reading I was well over 1000, second reading around the 800 mark. Yesterday I was told they are down into the 400s. Can you believe it? Because my side effects are now predictable and last only a few days, I have been offered two more chemo, for a total of 8. I have accepted. My next CT scan will be in December, when the truth will be out there to see. I had some nice positive comments on my new look. My questions were answered, for now, re: stem cell/bone marrow, Zometa and radiofrequency energy ablation.

Then off to band practice. I'm digging it. I like playing the bass. It's real downhome fun.

And then, Puff arrived. She is one of Mary's two cats. Mary couldn't take her to TO. She's here. Boobadee is not handling this well. Honey hasn't clued in yet. I think Paula is going to be able to take Puff until Mary returns to NS. We are working on that! Not that I don't love her, I do. It's just that Boobadee is getting old, and wasting away, and deserves my total attention until her time is through. I want to give her that. I disrupted her life greatly when Honey came along. Puff is beautiful by the way. Her name speaks for itself - she is predominantly white, but her tail is lovely and dark - very bushy - beautiful fur and the sweetest little face. She's a big girl. She jumped up on the bed a couple of times with me, but no purring so far. I pray we get her settled soon.

I will be making brownies today, using black beans, virgin coconut oil, stevia and raw cocoa, among other things. Hmm. I'll let you know how they taste! I'm thinking delicious.

A lovely thought for today - "Leap and the net will appear." - Julia Cameron, Cameron is the best-selling author of "The Artist's Way". This is exactly how I am feeling today. This quote is from The Daily Love. A family friend, Don (thanks Don), sent me a link to that site. Give it a google, and I pray you find something inspiring.

But first, meditation. Take some time today to be still and listen to your heart. She knows what to do. She's just waiting for us to allow her to work. Peace to you all today -

Emma Lee

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