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Saturday, October 9, 2010


I'm sitting here pinching myself - I know stop it. But, it's Thanksgiving. It's October. I started this blog in July, when the world appeared quite different to me than it does today. And it's almost 5 months since diagnosis.

The view out my front window this morning is quite beautiful. Everything I have to be grateful for is flooding in, and I must confess to tearing up. The house is warm and comfortable, sort of like a blanket. I'm in need of that. Even a few extra hugs needed today.

I'm going to treat myself to a pedicure this morning, complements of my friend Karen - who ran into me in late August, believe it or not, and gave me this gift. It's a perfect day to do it. I'll rest and enjoy some pampering while the bubble scrubbing dudes are working their magic inside.

Brenda came with me to chemo yesterday. Three more to go. I watched as the milky white substance ran down the tube, drop by drop, and said a secret blessing to myself. Brenda's parents are going to drive me to the airport next Friday - they have rearranged their life to do that. I am so thankful. I will have a safe journey to the airport with loving parents.

I need help with Honey who misbehaved yesterday. I was quite tired following treatment for some reason, and was having a rest, when the door bell rang. It was Adrienne, here to gather her seedlings. Honey went out to greet her and followed her a bit too close to the street. Adrienne tired to help her - Honey didn't want any help! I think you have the picture. That did sadden me. A bandaid later, and Honey tightly in the house, it was cold and I felt saddened. But I had to let that feeling go. Honey, Honey, Honey. Puff is settling in and because of that my cat is downstairs - yay - defying Honey at every chance. Maybe that is the tonic that is needed. We shall see. I'm proud of Doobs who is starting to stand up to Honey. Puff will eventually, I know, and she is even bigger than Honey.

Anyway, I digress. I'm thankful. Almost five months later - Okay: Family = Love; Life and Breath; Music; Shelter; Nourishment; Pets; Friends; the Ability to find and appreciate Beauty; Medicine; kind and caring Nurses; My Church Family; living in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia; numerous other thoughts and feelings that I will take time to pay attention to today.

I will miss Mary this Thanksgiving. She missed 2004 Thanksgiving and now will miss this year. We will talk, I am certain. I bet she will try and cook a Turkey, so Jim will be guiding her through that - or not.

BUT MOST OF ALL, I am indeed grateful and thankful for the opportunity to share this journey with you. I pray for Peace for you and the world -

Emma Lee

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