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Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Heart-Filled Celebration

On Friday evening musical friends and members of my larger community gathered together to fill my heart with joy. A spirit of love filled Trinity United Church and my cup was overflowing. It is hard for me to put into words really. The concert was unbelievable. Shaun and I opened it with You Raise Me Up and The Prayer; then Ross & The Romantics rocked the place with Lost in the 50's, Runaround Sue, Sweet Nothins and The Wanderer. Janice Alcorn, singer extraordinaie followed, and she had members of her high school jazz choir with her and they did two fab pieces; next up was Holy Potion (me, Aileen MacPhee, David Pos and Karen Crowley) and we did a wonderful arrangement of Amazing Grace. Sanctuary Singers were next (Jane Jones, Lori Miller, Karen Crowley and Shaun) and they did a couple of upbeat religious pieces and then the Trinity Senior Choir (of which I am a member) sang Creation Will Be At Peace. We then had an intermission when oatcakes and lemonade were served. The second act started with Anne of Boat Harbour - a skit that Shaun and Ross MacVicar wrote that was hilarious. After that Jakki Rogue performed and she took it upon herself to learn "When Emma Sings", the song Doris Mason wrote for my birthday. Then I sang with Jakki. Shaun and Ross were next and they previewed some of the songs that will be on their CD. My dear friend Lloyd MacLean graced our grand piano with a medley of songs he and I have performed together, including Masqarade (sp?). Shaun joined him for one song, and then I joined them and we did Baby It's Cold Outside and we ended the show with Bridge Over Troubled Water - standing ovation! It was fabulous. Everyone enjoyed it. But probably me the most. To have that support . . . .

The spirit of Mary and Lee were there in the room with me.

I am sincerely blessed. My heart is full. My eyes are teary. I am loved.

At Church this morning we will sing Creation again. Then I'm joining Shaun and Ross on the Christmas Fund for one number.

Listen to your hearts. Peace, Emma Lee


  1. Sounds like an absolutely fantastic concert! Wish I could have been in New Glasgow on Friday night. It wasn't recorded by any chance?


  2. Marion - no it wasn't on disc, but it was in my heart.

  3. A heart memory! What a wonderful experience and what a wonderful joyful evening you experienced.
    Sorry I wasn't able to be there but I know you were surrounded by.....well, what can one say?
    by friends (obviously) but by love, joy, peace, and best of all..........MUSIC!!!

  4. I can feel it in my soul way out here across the miles and I know it was an incredible night of music and healing.
    You are an inspiration, Emma!
    You are deeply LOVED.
    How sweet the sound.
    SHINE ON!!!