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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Odds and Beginnings

The time change has me a bit confused. I haven't used an alarm clock for years and years, always waking with the dawn or pre-dawn. So I'm waking earlier than ever. That's alright. I think there will be a settling down of this soon.

Monday morning David, Aileen, Karen and I got together to rehearse a wonderful version of Amazing Grace, which will be part of the Nov 21 contemporary service at Trinity - a reunion of Holy Potion. And, we will be performing the song as part of the Boughs of Joy concert Shaun is producing for Nov 26 - again at Trinity. We have so much fun together. I totally forget I have cancer. Aileen and I also started working on a fabulous arrangement of The Holly and the Ivy. I get to sing the wickedest part!

Then Monday afternoon I met with Dr. Eunice at the oncology department. I like him. He's very positive. Talked about my headaches etc. We're going to monitor things. But, my tumour markers continue to fall. I am responding so well to this chemo. CT Scan on Nov 25, same day as the Reason For Hope.

Then band, which was great - we are working on our Christmas pieces. Dec 19 at the deCoste and Dec 20 at the Marigold. What a blast I am having learning how to play the bass.

Monday was our wedding anniversary. Jim prepared a great meal and we talked about the future. When I met with Dr. Eunice, he ended that conversation by saying I should plan a great trip for the next year, so we talked about that. We spoke with both Lee and Mary. Family is it.

After picking up the posters for Nov 25 yesterday, I had a very positive life energy balancing session yesterday with Kathy. Check-in, Qigong, and Kathy's practice. She found my right side sluggish. So did I, but after a while it came around with a "rush".

Today will be busy. I am meeting with go-getter Janet, who is helping with Nov 25. Then I am going to Look Good Feel Better at St. Martha's in Antigonish. Karen is giving me a drive there and will come in with me. That will be a good session for me. If you want to know more about LGFB, I would be happy to share with you. Choir and singing tonight.

And now, piano and Qigong before I go out into the world. My mind is somewhat distressed today. I need to get grounded. I want to balance my "emergy". My white cell count is at its lowest today, so I'll be very careful, and pay attention to what my body is telling me, cause it is telling me something. Just need to listen.

If you are reading this entry, I am sending positive vibes your way. I pray that you take the time to listen to your body and pay attention to what your heart is telling you.

Peace today,

Emma Lee

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  1. Thank you for this wise, wonderful reminder! LISTEN to your body and LISTEN to what the heart is singing! Love to you from me. xo