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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Honey Loves Treats!

Yesterday, Honey was the recipient of some great little treats - dog biscuits and hot dogs - the two things in the world that can pretty well make her do anything! Blanche, a little gal that lives around the corner, arrived with them for her. Poor Blanche had to endure Honey barking the whole time she was here, but I guess I have learned to turn that switch off. Anyway, that package also contained a beautiful note for me. I have learned during this journey that receiving cards and letters is very powerful. I'm not sending this out as a request to receive them, but I think as a society we might be losing a wonderful gift. Maybe this is a challenge today to take the time to sit down and write a letter to someone. I know that writing for me has become very therapeutic.

I've been working on the program for tomorrow night and thinking about Friday night and I am so looking forward to everything. Now, if things would just settle down inside this body of mine . . .

Today will be a quiet day, for which I am thankful. Honey and I will have a few trit trots and I will enjoy some me time.

My tumour marker blood work was not completed prior to the 6th treatment, so I have no update. I do know that it was drawn and sent away before the 7th treatment, because Meredith did it and confirmed it with me. CT scan tomorrow. I'm going to go an hour early to make sure I check in, and then have the line put into my powerport at oncology and then head back down to the xray department. I don't want a repeat of last time. With luck, they will draw blood right away - they did at the last treatment, so . . . fingers crossed. The results of the scan should be ready to be reviewed with Dr. Kumar at my meeting with him in early December.

Peace to you today.

Emma Lee

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