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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Eve, Day, Family and Friends

So, I'm continuing to improve from this cold - hallelujah. Pretty "horse" still, but every other bothersome condition is improving.

I must confess that I was feeling a bit low yesterday morning; in fact, I upped very early and came downstairs to turn the tree on and sit next to it around the 4 a.m. mark - earlier than the kids ever did. Anyway, that's how my day started. I facebooked Mary a Merry Christmas and she emailed me back that she was just home from work (in Vancouver) and would call once she had a few hours sleep. I took the dog for her morning constitutional and found that some houses, like ours, were lit and beaming with Christmas cheer. It was a very quiet New Glasgow otherwise, Santa having come and gone many hours before. We had decided on Christmas Eve, after talking with Mary that we would wait until she called us around 1:00 p.m. our time Christmas Day to open our presents and that was no problem. When Lee got up we had a beautiful breakfast (compliments of Mr. Christmas), and watched Home Alone, which we all get a kick out of. Jim then continued his Mr. Christmas role by starting dinner. We decided to cook both the tofurkee and the turkey, so that all would be ready for the 27th when Mary arrived home.

Around 12:20 or so the phone rang and it was Mary. She told me she had just posted something on my facebook wall, to have a look and then call her. Mary's wall post was "I'll Be Home for Christmas". Dah (sometimes I amaze myself). While waiting for it to load, I made a hasty trip to the watercloset. When I exited, with Jim vacuuming in the background, I turned and there she was, true to her words - home for Christmas. Screaming begins. Lee knew she was trying to be here, but he was able to keep that secret from us. She arrived in Halifax and had 4 minutes to make the bus to New Glasgow, and then taxied home. Tearful howling, more screaming, hugging, sobbing. Need I say more? We then sat round the tree and opened gifts together.

Lloyd, Gwen and Kate arrived later, by which time we had settled down, pjs for the gals, both men having gotten dressed. I wish I could have videoed "How to Pour Lord Provost's Scotch" by Mr. Christmas. It was a lot more involved than I had first thought, the stories (Jim's) long, the glasses prepared, the scotch poured, the aroma dissected, sufficient time for the ice to do its thing, and then sipped and enjoyed (not by all - Mary and Kate abstaining). We had a wonderful time of friendship. This should be a tradition. Our toast? To 2011.

Tessa is arriving today, amidst the storm advisory. Today will be wonderful. Jim, Lee, Tessa and Mary are off to Halifax tomorrow: Mary to Codapop to record "Good Wife" for the CD comp, Tessa to get on an outgoing flight, and Lee and Jim to while away a few hours while Mary records. Oh, and I think Mary has a few friends coming tomorrow night and the music will continue. Let this storm amount to nothing, let the flights be on time, the roads clear and the recording awesome.

But today is ours, right here, to enjoy.

Thank you God. I had Christmas 2010 with all of my family and it was wonderful. Now we have a few days of completeness to savour.

Peace today and always, Emma Lee

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