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Friday, December 17, 2010

Seven Months Today

Seven months today since the news was delivered. This morning I am headed to the Aberdeen Hospital for my first treatment of Aredia and eighth treatment of Abraxane. Feeling good. Spent the past few days working on my resolve and intention and both are feeling strong. Jim is home so I am feeling doubly safe.

I opened my heart to many words of wisdom these past days. Kathy of Spirit Garden helped me a lot. Think of all the things that are working. Imagine my tumour markers falling as they have. Think of the support I am receiving. Kindred asked me how I would like to be visualized by folks as they are sending healing power over the miles. My wish is that you see me as a shining treble clef. In my mind's eye, that is what I see and feel.

Angels are near.

Yesterday Angela, Brenda, Rachael and Verna came to visit Honey and I, delivering flowers and a basket of goodies from Mac, Mac & Mac. I had a wonderful visit with my "family". Life was good to me when the people of Mac, Mac & Mac came into it.

I sang in the choir at a funeral yesterday afternoon. The message grabbed me. We are walking in such great mystery. My heart is open to give and receive love which balances me on this highwire.

Honey had a great visit with Lloyd later in the afternoon. She really, really, really likes Lloyd. He dropped off a copy of the Sanctuary 100 Candles CD and described how the show unfolded at St. Paul's the other night. We made a promise to get together on Christmas Day - Jim was given a gift by the Lord Provost - 12 year old single malt Scotch, under LP's own private label. A glass will be raised. By then my original diagnosis anniversary will have come and gone - 4 years on Dec 21. Well done Jim for waiting to toast to Christmas!

Peace today. We are in a most wonderful "season".

Emma Lee

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