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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Update Today

I awoke this morning feeling tired and unwell. Hmm. Off on our early morning walk, and I became weepy. I verbally asked Honey - what's going on? Back home to check email and low and behold a wonderful email from Caitlin Hanford regarding our version of Send Someone For Me. It was indeed a pick-up, as was the one I received from Cindy and her invite to their show at the DeCoste next week. Before breakfast, I decided to see if my music fix would work, and I was anticipating my meeting with Donna today and working on our continuing fun project. The fix did work to a certain extent, but I got the thermometer out. During breakfast, it became clear. The left side of my face, lower jaw, was very sore. Dr. Munro's office is on the phone. Sure enough, off to the dentist's office - those wonderful gals - Paula, Ellen and Lynda. I have two abscessed teeth. Out of the blue. After a consult with the chemo gals, dental surgery has been arranged for Tuesday in Halifax. I thought I was weepy before. Is my body rejecting me?

I am feeling so unwell. Feet up. Rest. Antibiotics. More later.

Peace, Emma Lee


  1. Awww.....thinking of you and sending positive thoughts!! Hope you are feeling better!
    Take care

  2. Believing, trusting, hoping...praying for you.