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Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Singing Tree, A White Kitten and a Magical House

Yesterday, during our last daylight walk, Honey and I came upon the most amazing little tree. It was a very mild day yesterday, at least that's how it felt to me - a sort of soft mild because there was no wind in my neck of the woods. We were on the home stretch, coming by the grey house where there are still cat dishes, but now empty and Honey simply glances that way, no longer determined to go up on the porch and smell. As we crossed the street, there came the most amazing singing. Chickadees, not doing their chickadee song but rather their chirping song. In the twilight that was descending, that Brigadoon time beginning, I had to stop and search them out. A little tree in front of us was alive with chickadees. Honey stopped and sat like a proper dog! I don't know who I was more fascinated with. Honey was calmly fixated on the tree and for a while the chickadees were oblivious to their audience. Slowly, one by one, they took notice of us and flew off in their most beautiful flight to varying spots around the yards to the east and west. It was sweet to watch Honey follow their flight. It was a most enjoyable quiet few moments of my day. Not a single car or other pedestrian interrupted that movie. Just us and the birds and their soundtrack. When the tree was finally deserted and I in a state of calm, we decided to continue on our way. Out of the corner of my eye there was a streak of white. A white kitten bounded towards Honey and the game was afoot. The cat sprang up the nearest telephone pool, claws wide, with Honey in her glory, having way too much fun. I had to drag her away. We deviated a bit and went by the most magically decorated house on Washington Street, as their Christmas lights and music turned on just as we said good bye to the white kitten. Honey was terrified of the "fake" carolers out front and I allowed her to explore for as long as she wanted, well, until a lady was walking down the street on our side, and I didn't feel like company, so we headed home. And as we headed home, our lights came on and I noticed Christmas lights coming on at others' homes. It is Christmas.

I think we could use Christmas all year. Note to self, others and God - let's keep it going - make Christmas a year long event.

Peace to you all today. Be careful out there.

Emma Lee


  1. Good morning!
    I miss seeing that house on Washington Street...you could see it from mom and dad's living room window....it's so beautiful, isn't it?
    Hopefully you are feeling some better.....
    Take care

  2. what is it about white kittens? they keep popping up!! thinking of you...

  3. It's crazy isn't it - and that white kitten was Nothing compared to Puff, who is really growing on me by the way. She will not come downstairs with the rest of us yet - I carried her through yesterday and she is concerned about that dog of mine. But hopefully, someday. Boobadee is certainly leading the way - she's almost taking over.