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Thursday, December 9, 2010

There's a Star in the East

There's a star in the east on Christmas morn, well, in fact, before Christmas morn - and it is a bright and shining star. My goodness, this morning's walk brought to me by you know who, was chilly, but absolutely gorgeous. The eastern star made me want to follow it, so brightly is it shining.

I've been sitting quietly, making some decisions - well, not exactly quietly when you have Honey, and the battling cats in the house but I get a kick out of their antics. Doobs and Honey are continuing the tag team approach to lots of things - my health card for example (I need a new one), dog biscuits, anything on the counter really. And Puff sits talking to herself or anyone who will listen on the other side of the gate. She has gained a hankering for cat candies and we have found ones that help with litter box odor (thank goodness).

My quietness has also been disturbed by being unable to miss the Elizabeth Edwards reports, and have to tell you I had no idea she had metastatic breast cancer - I only ever heard: electioneering, cancer, cheating, baby, pain, humiliation, human cruelty, human kindness, human sorrow, love and forgiveness, but never metastatic breast cancer. Was I deaf to those words?

I'm close to finalizing my plans for Mary's CD compilation. I will be asking her to ensure this goes to The Reason for Hope Society. I think I mentioned before that originally this year's fundraising efforts would go to palliative care - that was before diagnosis. Now that I have been diagnosed, I want all proceeds to go to metastatic breast cancer research and sincerely I made this decision before I listened with intent to Elizabeth Edwards' legacy. I want The Reason for Hope to quietly go about its business finding the right beneficiary so that we ensure ALL monies go to metastatic breast cancer research. These are my words. I have also decided to make concerted efforts to raise the profile of this disease here in Nova Scotia. Back in late November I had a preliminary discussion with Ross Landry, my member of the Nova Scotia legislature, about designating October 13th as Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day here in Nova Scotia. I will continue to work on that, and hopefully that dream will become a reality. The time has come and gone for silence on this dreadful disease.

But, bigger news - I'm feeling a bit better today. I had the most wonderful sleep last night. So off to piano/guitar. Later today, I will go to the Aberdeen Hospital where Reason for Hope monies raised and donated in 2008 have been spent on a digital mammography machine and that will be acknowledged. Joining me will be one of my heros, Joyce, as well as others. Then tomorrow night, I'm singing two short sets at Town Hall as part of their trip around town to see the lights. I hope people see beyond the lights. I pray people see joy, hope, love and peace - things that can sustain us year round. I pray people see possibilities (thanks Wise Donna). I pray people look to the star in the east.

Peace today. Emma Lee

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