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Monday, April 25, 2011

Being Present

Over the past week, I have had many opportunities for quiet, for reflection, and for challenging myself to "be present" in the various moments and activities leading to Easter Sunday. I attended almost all of the Reflections At The Foot of the Cross series, which were inter-denominational. On Thursday evening Holy Potion (without Aileen, but with David and Murray) gathered to lead the music at the evening service, led by the contemporary team of Charleen and Owen, who did a fabulous job. Love One Another was the theme. On Friday morning, Trinity and St. George's gathered together to witness the Good Friday story. Our buildings are footsteps away; our congregations have gathered to witness to our community in outreach, and so worship together is a natural progression. St. George's choir loft is small and we were tightly connected as we sang a Mummer's Carol as our gift of music. Saturday of course was the first Jesus Jam, Lloyd is calling it, which saw us try to sing the score, with abandon, of Jesus Christ Superstar in another small, but lovely church in Alma. Their new set-up is great. And then yesterday morning, we gathered at 8 at the Gazebo at the Riverfront, in nature - a wild and windy day - and we welcomed Easter Sunday. Then worship at 10 and surprise there is a full church!

At all of these times and places, my inner voice, my heart has been urging me to be present, to be in the moment, to take in those moments so that I can recall them during the days ahead when words of spirit and hope are needed. I am profoundly affected by the story that has unfolded over the past days and each time I receive communion my heart just aches. I then call upon my angels to be with me, to be present with me and calm my heart into knowing that God still knows the way.

And, my children both called me and I was present with them during our long distance telephone chats. I also had the chance to have some excellent communications with other folks who are important to me over the past few days and for that I am eternally grateful.

Peace today. It looks like a lovely day. Honey and I will enjoy our walks and I have band practice later on. I will enjoy that and will urge myself to be present - of course I have to be as I count the notes and bars that complete the composition.

Emma Lee

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