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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mid-Week Ramble

Our ramble this morning was lovely. Still a bit of a bite in the air, but the singing going on out there is remarkable. Pre-dawn singing. We should have a festival. The parade would just be people quietly walking through the streets with lanterns in the early morning air, trying not to interrupt or disrupt the sound. (Dogs would be walked earlier or later.) Traffic would be re-routed for 45 minutes. I wish I knew the names of all of the types of birds, their particular song and what the different pitches meant. There is such a variety among these song birds. I don't know if Honey cares too much about the singing, but it sure puts the pack leader in a calm state.

If I could have a wish, it would be to have a full-on session with Cesar Milan. I am reading his book and finding it so informative. (Or another wish - sorry - would be a Mediterranean Cruise! Are we promised 3 wishes? lol (me with my arms up apparently)).

I mentioned a friend waiting for test results recently. Good news. All is clear, all is well, I think I hear Kris Kringle . . . sorry, but it is a great present. I am so happy for her and her family. One of the Mac family had a life-threatening medical issue recently. I found out this week when I made contact with a friend at the firm, who filled me in. A brush with death. We all face it every single moment, in every single breath, but it takes a shock to really think about it. And of course we don't want to think of our friends and loved ones in peril or experiencing pain. That is simply heartbreaking. So, I am thanking God for good news in the Mac family too. Thanking God.

I am slowly climbing out of the last treatments.

Lee and Tessa are arriving tonight. They are on their way to Mexico via New Glasgow. They will spend the night with us, and tomorrow morning and then will head to the airport. The pesos I ordered are in and I will walk down to the Bank, alone today, another odyssey into downtown New Glasgow, to pick them up. I am praying they have a great, safe trip. A wish: to enjoy the journey, cause that is what it is, a journey, it is not the destination. I have sometimes found one of the best things about a vacation is the anticipation leading up to it. That doesn't occur to me much now. Now, being present in the moments you are together is really what is the most important, not thinking about what you will wear, where you still stay, how much you will spend, where you will eat, who you will see, you might see you. Those are lovely details, but what's most lovely is being together and sharing the experience - the good and the bad of it - all of it. These are our treasures.

Singing continues - inside my house and out. Singing is allowing me to recover and is giving me pleasure. Holy Week is coming. My treatment will be moved to the following week so that I can take part in a full Holy Week.

Peace today,

Emma Lee


  1. Hi Emma Lee - I saw this and it somehow instantly made me think of stories of you and Gwen around that age and I had to share with you.