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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Developing an Understanding of Kindness

I have been thinking about the days and years when I had "health" in my life. I realize now that I took those days and years very much for granted, traveling along my busy way, caring for my family and trying to do my best. Back then, our family relied upon ourselves to get by and lent a helping hand when and where it might be needed, not thinking about it really. Today I sit on the other side of that fence. Now I witness examples of kindness that are filling my heart. Gratitude has become a big part of my life. I am praying that those who offer acts of kindness "without thinking" understand what a gift they are to my world and to the world in general. In my former days, I did not take these matters to heart, thinking "Oh, it's nothing". Indeed and in fact it is not just "something", it is "everything".

I shall continue to attempt to put into words exactly what kindness means to the new me. My life is being touched, my gratitude is being nurtured and I feel the need to be able to communicate my thanks properly.

It is grey out there today, but the music festival is on and I think I will take in some of it. My body is still trying to warm-up from yesterday morning, and I have oodles of music to read and think about. And Jim is home.

I wish you moments of peace and appreciation today.


Emma Lee

(P.S. We are going to hold JC Superstar for another time. I will keep you apprised. Godspell pieces this Sunday at Trinity - 10:00 a.m. worship time.)

1 comment:

  1. So very true...as I sit and whine about things that aren't going how I want, I often don't take the time to sit and realize what IS going right in my life. I take things for granted...I shouldn't.
    You obviously have wonderful friends Emma Lee, you are blessed.
    Enjoy the music festival...I remember those days as a child...(I played the piano (horribly I may add)..in it for a few years as a child)...
    Enjoy your day!