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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Music and Friendship

I can't find my glasses, but have tried my best to review this blog. I apologize for spelling and grammatical errors in advance.

Well, the past days have been full of musical excitement for me. On Tuesday evening as I arrived for Carrilon practice, Leah Haggerman was practising her saxophone piece for the music festival that is approaching. I have never heard anything so incredibly beautiful. Can't wait to hear her at the festival. Then on Wednesday evening I attended, with the Carrilons, a choral workshop in Antigonish led by Stephen Hatfield. Wow. Energy personified. What a wonderful evening it was. There were two other choirs: one of which Stephen affectionately dubbed "Smokey", a brand new intergenerational choir from Cape Breton, and the St. FX Jazz Choir, who absolutely blew me away. After individual work, we joined together and Stephen taught us a Native Canadian piece and an African piece, complete with "moves". It was wonderful. I am so glad that I attended.

On Friday evening, I attended a Soiree at Donna's house, featuring her adult students. Another beautiful experience. The sun was setting and the music became a soundtrack for a wonderful night. Flute, vocal and piano rounded it out and Jane and Lori ended their section with a stunning version of Evening Prayer, of which I have lately become enamoured.

Last night I got to hear Laura Smith and Ryan McGrath at the Celtic Circle. Laura has some pretty darned amazing songs, which I had forgotten about to be truthful and Ryan can sing for octaves. His songwriting is also mature and he is being recognized as an up and comer in the East Coast Music industry. We had supper with them and it was just a lovely night.

On the friendship front, I received two beautiful hats this week to add to my wardrobe. I think I mentioned that I will soon be retiring my wool hats. Karen has shown yet another talent and made me two GREAT hats. One is a soft pink hat, with a matching scarf and the other is a Newsboy design, in a wonderful blue. They are needed and a great addition to my head covering inventory.

Today the choir is singing and Jane and Lori will share another of their duets. It is an absolutely beautiful day out there. Have a great one. Stop. Be present. Feel your feet connect with the earth. Breathe deeply. Look up and around you. Look down and see the growth sprouting. It is a magical time of year indeed.

(By the way, we are thinking of having a Jesus Christ Superstar Sing-a-long next Saturday afternoon at Greenhill United at 3. More to follow. All are welcome if you love JC Superstar and feel like just letting it go in advance of Holy Week!)


Emma Lee

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