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Saturday, April 23, 2011

We Did It!

I am telling you my impression - it was a success - the first singalong Jesus Christ Superstar. Musicians were Lloyd on keys, Gwen on bass and David on drums. We had a jimbay (spelling is wrong) and some other small percussion instruments and there was a good number of folks and friends there. It was fun. And they were singing. We were all singing - with abandon! The singing in I Don't Know How to Love Him was beautiful and inspiring. It all was. Thank you everyone for being there. Thank you Greenhill-Alma. I may have a picture to post in a bit! Another tick on the bucket list!

Peace today. Tomorrow will be coming early!

Emma Lee

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  1. Happy, Happy Easter Emma! I arrived home a little while ago from a week away, so I missed the Easter services this morning; but I hear they were both beautiful, and that the breakfast was a big success. Hope you are feeling well and that you are enjoying this blessed long weekend with Jim.