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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We Meditated on a Robin's Song

Yesterday morning, the birds seemed to be particularly alive. Very early, before I heard Honey, I was woken by what sounded like an alarm clock. I can tell you it has been a very long time since an alarm clock was used in this house. The noise startled me and I thought, is it the smoke detector? It continued a few more times, and then suddenly added another sharp, clear note, and I realized it was a bird sitting in the spruce tree outside my bedroom window. Thanks ducky. It was a bit later that Honey started to whimper - well 5:29 to be exact. Later, when Honey and I left the house, the sound of a robin singing lured us to take a different path on our mid-morning. We found her (I'm calling it her) and we gravitated to that part of our neighbourhood, even stopping to stand near the tree, but not so close as to interrupt, for a while. It was so enjoyable.

When I returned home, I took a call from a lady who has been keeping in touch with me since she read the article in the Pictou Advocate. She was concerned that she had read the word "meditation" in the article. I can tell you that she continues to be very concerned about my soul, and the fact that I may not have, in her terms and by her definition, accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. Listening to her talk, I found myself standing close to that robin's tree again. How could a God that created so many marvelous creatures have only one way? When I posed that question to this lady, she was quite adamant that she was right, that her religion was right, and that she hoped I didn't wait too long, that would be a shame. I had to ask her to stop at that point. My reality is fighting with enough right now. So, I returned to thinking of that robin, and then thinking of all the people in this whole wide world who don't have an inkling of faith: I proposed her attempts at conversion would be better spent elsewhere. Let me meditate on that robin. It was disturbing but forced me to think about where in my life I wear blinders. What beliefs do I have that are so entrenched as to have a negative influence on others?

Anyway, with God-sent grace (yes, grace), my mind went back to that robin.

Today, we have a Holy Potion rehearsal (for tomorrow night's service), and then a funeral. The weather sounds interesting for later on. My prayer is that Mr. Stewart makes it home this evening! Tomorrow is Maundy Thursday. We are worshiping with St. George's on Friday morning. We shall be gathering at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday morning for worship at the Gazebo on the Riverfront. Pray my fingers don't freeze - I am going to attempt to play the guitar!!

Peace today, go out and find a robin, don't disturb her, and have a listen to a most marvelous sound of God.

Emma Lee

Addendum: I have to add an addendum. My original breast cancer adventure took place between diagnosis Dec 21/06 and completion of chemo and radiation by May 31st/07, but covered both Christmas and Easter. I found Easter of 2007 became very significant to me. I cannot believe that I am sitting here expressing myself this way during Easter of 2011. When I start to count the years I have been dealing with this disease it becomes quite profound. Cancer would have been growing for sometime prior to Dec 2006. Thank you for continuing to support me - we all need hope and I offer it to you as it comes so freely to me. "M"


  1. Wishing you a Blessed Easter Emma Lee.
    Take care
    your faithful Blog reader

  2. “Reading about nature is fine, but if a person walks in the woods and listens carefully, he can learn more than what is in books, for they speak with the voice of God.”

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