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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The 10th to the 14th Days

The 10th to the 14th days following treatment, I am told, are when my white cell count will be at its lowest. That is when, I am told, I am most susceptible to infection. I'm playing it safe, then. Today is the 10th day. I will be close to home this week.

This morning Karen let me know she would be rehearsing with Claude Polley, a young violinest, around 9:00 a.m. at Trinity. So I slipped up to the balcony and enjoyed a spectacular rehearsal. Claude played Adoration by Borowski and Concerto in A Minor by Vivaldi. My gracious me. He is exceptional. He is also very lucky to be accompanied by Karen, who is superb on Trinity's grand piano. If I recall correctly, I remember seeing Claude's family years ago, as participants in the family evening at the New Glasgow Music Festival. Claude is very talented and obviously a hard working, disciplined musician. I'm thinking he is going places. I also heard him "busking" outside of the new Fisheries Museum on the Pictou Waterfront, prior to knowing who he was, and tossing a coin into his violin case.

I am putting my feelers out there folks, for a holistic healing retreat that will see me following chemotherapy treatments. If you have any suggestions, please get in touch with Mary, or post a comment. The search is now on. I have some inquiries out there on other types of treatment, as well. Lloyd and Gwen have suggested looking into Dendritic Therapy. I've found an American Doctor who does practice that and am waiting for a response to my initial inquiry. Julie's Christina has been very helpful with information respecting our West Coast, which seems to be head and shoulders above the rest of the country when it comes to healing. Unfortunately, it appears the Cancer Treatment Centers of America may be out of my sphere of possibilities, having been told it could be hundreds of thousands of dollars at that private facility. That's okay. We're going to look as far afield as we need to. The right place will come to me.

My email, if you wanted to get in touch directly is emmalee@eastlink.ca.

I wish you all peace,

Emma Lee

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