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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Busy Day

Yesterday was a busy day. Mary had arranged for some studio time for me at Codapop Studios on Quinpool Road. She wanted me to record a song that I have been doing as part of my Reason for Hope service called Send Someone For Me. SSFM was written by Cindy Church and Caitlyn Hanford. I first heard it at the 2007 Reason for Hope - Cindy intro'd it by saying the sound was so great that night (Jim S.), she wanted to do the song. I remember it well. I was in my favourite spot at any theatre or event - back stage, in the wings, alone. Clear view of the stage, great sound and able to drink it all in, without interruption. The song reached out and caught me. I was able to get a copy and then make it my own. Cindy was glad to give me permission to record it and can't wait to hear it.

Anyway, Lee and I headed off early yesterday, once Honey was happy, hot dog in tummy, in kennel. Lee drove down. Tummy rumblings accompanied me throughout the day, but they are better today. When we landed at Mary's I noted the CTV car outside. Sure enough, she was mid-point in her Liz Rigney interview. I met Liz and we had a great chat and I was able to sit through the whole taping. Liz was talking about Mary's song-a-day. She was at 283 yesterday. If you go to her blog entry here you will see her link. Please visit her. She's trying her hardest to carve out a living. Once that was done it was off to the studio and what a studio. A beaut! Mary's friend Tammy owns it. Yesterday, Joel was my engineer. It was a wonderful experience. Mary had also arranged for her friend Colin, a videographer, to film the whole thing. His most recent film will be released soon - ABOUT ZOMBIES!!! (Can't wait - it was filmed in Stellarton last summer.) Later on, Mary's friend Kinley came to record some violin tracks. I left the whole recording in Mary's hands. About 3:15 we were headed back to New Glasgow. Mary will produce the song, which will be on a compilation CD that her peers are all giving her songs for. It's going to be an amazing East Coast CD.

Honey was so glad to see us when we got home.

This morning's walk was pretty incredible. I was out before it rained: and I had to repeat to myself red sky in morning - sailors take warning. Before I knew it a rainbow streaked across the sky that was simply amazing and with the blue sky above me, it started to sprinkle. Honey didn't mind. She had found a stick that was all consuming and one that she carried all the way home. It awaits her next yard visit.

Peace to all,

Emma Lee

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