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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Call the Police - Honey is stealing hearts!

Well, maybe I exaggerate a bit. But, this past Friday, I had a visit from Janice and Kara, another great mom and daughter team, Rachael, one of my co-workers, Megan, a great, long-time friend, and Trevor who came up to do some recording with us on Saturday. Now all of these folks arrived at different times, but the constant was Honey.

When Janice and Kara were here, Honey decided that Janice was hers. So, up to the lap several times, the last of which ended with a cup of tea being drenched on Janice. Honey even managed to get an ear lick or two in before I had to resort to the "hot dog!" appeal. I snapped a pic.

When Rachael was here, same thing. Up to the lap and licking of the face. Another pic.

It was repeated twice more for Trevor and Megan. Couldn't get the camera quick enough.

But the best welcome was reserved for Jim when he arrived at the bus station. Honey was one happy little dog last Friday.


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