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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bass Debut

Well, I did it. I played bass in a public performance. So, first one is down. Now I have to find my second opportunity, i.e. with folks who don't mind me being the one ramping up, learning runs, etc. etc. etc., which is so fun.

I had the opportunity last night to sit with a 92 year old, very classy, gal. We had a delightful conversation, about angels. She initiated the conversation, asking me if I believed in angels. I told her about my recent experience of "hosting" 5 angels in my home and how that process worked, how it evolved throughout the week, my daily meditations, my wishes and how I sent them off to a friend who asked for them, and to friends and family that I felt needed them. So, we hit it off. The conversation around the table generally was lively and lovely and so beneficial. I forgot how tired I was and was simply in the moment, until they said it was time for the entertainment to start! But there is no room for shyness or fear there - there's no time like the present really, so just DO IT!

I arrived home to a little dog so happy to see me. We had a quick trit trot and then pjs and Honey and I attempted to watch Dancing with the Stars. I was dancing with the stars this morning during our first outing. What a beautiful morning. Not too cold, brisk I guess, and quiet. That big moon is still hanging out and the sky was full of beautiful bright stars. Makes you marvel.

I'm singing with the Carillons for the next little bit. Their spring repertoire is fabulous. They know that I cannot commit to 100% attendance, but when I'm there, I'm there. Their spring concert will be a dessert and music concert, on Mother's Day and they are going to call it Dames & Desserts or something like that. Venue is being decided upon. More on that later. With the repertoire, it is sure to be a loved event. Karen and I are getting together early morning to run some of the tunes, cause I need to catch up!

I have no idea whether the sun will be out today but temps look not too bad this week. Spring has sprung. Keep on springing!

Next treatments scheduled for April 1st.

Peace, Emma Lee

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  1. You're so busy, busy!!
    Nice brisk morning here..just got back from my walk.
    Take care...love hearing about all your "busyness"
    Have a great day!